Various WDW Songs and Tracks


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I am/was a big fan of the mid-90s redo of Tomorrowland that included Alien Encounter, Timekeeper, TTA, etc. I'm hoping someone will be able to provide some information on where I might find some or all of the following:

-Sonny Eclipse music that hasn't already been released on the official albums (specifically Space Angels and Yew Nork)
-Dreamflight music
-Timekeeper theme, queue music, or actual show
-Alien Encounter pre-shows and main show
-The songs "Inside the House" and "Windswept" from the old area loop
-A recording of the video that played in the Space Mountain queue (Ray Cathode, Crazy Larry, etc.)
-A recording of the Galaxy Search show in the Galaxy Palace Theater
-A recording of the TTA audio
-Astro Orbitor safety spiel

Also, is there a recording of the new Tomorrowland loop available?

Moving to Epcot, does anybody know the name of the song that plays in the O Canada circle vision film? (Not the song that's been on various official albums.)

And finally, is there a recording of the song from the American Adventure film ("there's a land 'cross this ocean I'm waiting to see, a land for these people who dream to be free...")



Check out Rodentsections for audio. I do believe the current Tomorrowland BGM is available, as well as many other recordings that you are looking for.

Is it Bluenose that you are looking for from O'Canada?