Updated iTunes Disney Archives list

I found the previous post when I was looking for information about disney tracks available on Itunes. Does anyone know if this is still correct and if there have been any additions to tracks available on Itunes since then? I know we are waiting for some updates coming in June, hopefully.


Updated iTunes Disney Archives list
? on: November 07, 2006, 05:39:41 AM ?
iTunes actually updated their New Releases list today (As of now it's still not alphabetized, though)!

Here's all the newly-added Disney Material I could find (Many thanks to Merlinjones for finding most of these first without the benefit of the New Releases list!):

Annette's Beach Party
Rex Allen Sings 16 Favorites
Woody's Round Up
Disney's Sebastian
Rythmn of the Pridelands
Disney's Fairytale Weddings
Musical Highlights from the Mickey Mouse Club
Walt Disney Presents Songs From the Mickey Mouse Club Serials
Camarata Chorus and Orchestra: Alice in Wonderland
Mary Martin: Hi-Ho
Professor Ludwig Von Drake
Mickey Mouse Disco
Ukelele Ike Sings Again
A Child's Garden of Verses
Walt Disney Takes You to Disneyland
Walt Disney Records Archive Collection Volume 1 & 2

And, previously available but definitely in this category:

Let's Get Together With Hayley Mills
Louis Armstrong: Disney Songs the Satchmo Way
Mike Curb Congregation: Disney's Greatest Hits
Burl Ives Sings Chim Chim Cer-ee and Other Children's Choices

Did I miss anything? Thanks again to Merlinjones for finding most of that. There, as of now, seems to be no way to bring up all of them in one search. Some are listed as Disney albums, others are listed by artists - The Von Drake album appears under Paul Frees (Which is rather cool to see), and some appear under "Various Artists."

At least the search engine seems to accurately find songs by artist: A search of Thurl Ravenscroft includes the 2 new songs on Archive Collection Vol. 1.

Great, great stuff here!!!!! Nice mix of old and new!


Re:Updated iTunes Disney Archives list
? Reply #1 on: November 07, 2006, 10:56:18 AM ?
I missed Rex Allen and even did a search for him!

On a related note, they also have:

The Firehouse Five + 2 at Disneyland
These were added in January:

Summer Magic Original Cast
Babes in Toyland Original Cast
Saludos Amigos (Orchestral)
The Black Hole Soundtrack
Fess Parker: Cowboy and Indian Songs
Louis Prima: Let?s Fly with Mary Poppins
Echoes of Disneyland (Wurlizer Organ)
Stan Jones: Ghost Riders In the Sky
Tinpanorama (Music from A Symposium of Popular Songs)


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I really wish iTunes would have a better way to sort things out, like these releases on their own page or something. Since they don't all have the same artist it's not always easy to find or know what was released unless you read it here.

I totally agree. That is why I had to ask this question. I have not found a way to search ITunes that will give me all these Disney related albums or tracks. This website is the best resource I knew to use to try to find out what is available through ITunes.


Everytime one of these releases came out I went and got the direct URL links to the albums in the itunes store.. if you look through the release threads you should find them..
Once I know the title of an album, I have no problem finding it. However, since I just joined this forum and started the majority of my collection in the last few months, I was not even aware of what albums had been released to the ITUNES store. I have tried to search threads on this forum, and that is where I have come up with the information I have found so far. I know that recently there have not been as many releases and many of you have been waiting paitently until Randy gets some more into Itunes. I guess I just don't know any other place but here to find out when albums are released. Do you know of another way to find out about releases? Keep in mind that I just got an MP3 player within the last year and I don't have an IPOD, so I have just started into the realm of digital downloads. You may know of a lot more information than I have been able to find so far. Thanks for the help.

Billy Moon

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Is there any way to get albums like Summer Magic and Babes in Toyland if you don't live in the US?

For some strange reason, iTunes doesn't allow you to download music from any country but your own.
And most Disney albums are only available in the US store, including the ones not released on CD.

Seems a bit unfair to me.


HI Billy,

welcome to the world of today's Disney company who doesn't care for fans outside the US and tries everything to discourage us from sending money their way ... iTunes is only the latest such attempt, which also included the non-availability of the Disney Yearbook or punitive shipping-fees for international customers.

But back to your question: to download material from an iTunes-store outside the one which is set up for your country, you need to set up an account with that "foreign" iTunes-store. To set up such account you need to have a payment option tied to the area that iTunes-store services, e.g. a credit card issued in the US with a US billing address or an US AOL-account if we are talking about the US-iTunes-store. The good news is: to my knowledge pre-paid iTunes cards sold in the US qualify under this rule as well ... at least numerous reports on the internet indicate this...




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We're finally here, 3 months after the initial tease that more would be coming.

For your convenience:

Date Nite at Disneyland

Walt Disney's The Parent Trap!

Secrets of Life

Addition and Subtraction

Multiplication and Division

Walt Disney World Band



Deep in the Heart of Dixieland

I don't how in the world anyone outside this board would happen to just come across these browsing iTunes...


Do we know if anything was changed(remastered etc) for the Splashdance release from the CD release? Only difference I can tell right now is that the cover art doesn't have "Walt Disney Records" on it ;)


Speaking of iTunes, I'm pretty sure I've seen this addressed before but I don't know where. Is there any way to print out the cover art from the iTunes downloads so it can be fit in a standard CD case? I know if you click on the small photo of the art in the corner it blows up a large version of it but I don't think this can be sized to regular CD cover size.


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Yes, make a playlist of the album you wish to print, and then choose PRINT in the FILE menu. You have several options for printing CD inserts from there.


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Is there any way to print out the cover art from the iTunes downloads so it can be fit in a standard CD case? I know if you click on the small photo of the art in the corner it blows up a large version of it but I don't think this can be sized to regular CD cover size.

Yes, make a playlist of the album you wish to print, and then choose PRINT in the FILE menu. You have several options for printing CD inserts from there.

There's another way that I recently discovered.

- Play a song from the album you've purchased in iTunes.
- On the thumbnail that appears in the lower left corner, instead of left clicking to enlarge it, RIGHT CLICK. A small window will pop up that will say COPY. Select that.
- The full-rez artwork is now paste-able onto a page in MS Word or other word processor, where it can them be resized to whatever size you want. (But be sure to expand/shrink it from a corner of the picture, or you will stretch the artwork instead of just making it larger or smaller.)

Thanks for the updates on the new releases, everyone!