Updated iTunes Disney Archives list


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iTunes actually updated their New Releases list today (As of now it's still not alphabetized, though)!

Here's all the newly-added Disney Material I could find (Many thanks to Merlinjones for finding most of these first without the benefit of the New Releases list!):

Annette's Beach Party
Rex Allen Sings 16 Favorites
Woody's Round Up
Disney's Sebastian
Rythmn of the Pridelands
Disney's Fairytale Weddings
Musical Highlights from the Mickey Mouse Club
Walt Disney Presents Songs From the Mickey Mouse Club Serials
Camarata Chorus and Orchestra: Alice in Wonderland
Mary Martin: Hi-Ho
Professor Ludwig Von Drake
Mickey Mouse Disco
Ukelele Ike Sings Again
A Child's Garden of Verses
Walt Disney Takes You to Disneyland
Walt Disney Records Archive Collection Volume 1 & 2

And, previously available but definitely in this category:

Let's Get Together With Hayley Mills
Louis Armstrong: Disney Songs the Satchmo Way
Mike Curb Congregation: Disney's Greatest Hits
Burl Ives Sings Chim Chim Cer-ee and Other Children's Choices

Did I miss anything? Thanks again to Merlinjones for finding most of that. There, as of now, seems to be no way to bring up all of them in one search. Some are listed as Disney albums, others are listed by artists - The Von Drake album appears under Paul Frees (Which is rather cool to see), and some appear under "Various Artists."

At least the search engine seems to accurately find songs by artist: A search of Thurl Ravenscroft includes the 2 new songs on Archive Collection Vol. 1.

Great, great stuff here!!!!! Nice mix of old and new!
I missed Rex Allen and even did a search for him!

On a related note, they also have:

The Firehouse Five + 2 at Disneyland