UPDATE: Disneyland Showtime MUSIC available!

X-S Tech

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I've had a hard time downloading the last one. Maybe it's a temporary problem with the server though.

Yes the sad state of the Disney Channel. I have no problem with Disney doing programming for Children, but when I was little I liked the vintage stuff far more than the cartoons that other stations were showing.

Oh well.

Can we expect any other Disney TV episodes to be posted soon? I'd love to see some of the stuff from the opening of WDW or Danny Kaye's songs from the DL 25th or Opening of EPCOT.
as for more music....
I will try! It takes some time...and I had to move my days off so I could go see a play in Tampa.
As soon as I make more, I will post them...and rotate out the Osmond ones...so get them NOW! ;D