Universe Of Energy Underscore

Got a chance to go through my video of the original program again today and found myself fascinated (as always) by the underscore for the main film that closes the program. I would love to see this get out among all the bygone EPCOT attractions that aren't represented yet.

X-S Tech

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Yes Universe of Energy seems to have been woefully underrepresented until very recently, but even the few things that have surfaced don't compare to all the representation that the other future world attractions have. If the current show is any indication, the Original must have been pretty long, and therefore I assume had a ton of music.
The film following the dinosaurs that then gave way to the finale featuring the "Universe Of Energy" song ran over ten minutes and had a lot of great underscore featuring some variations on the UOE theme but also punctuated some of the spectacularly filmed sights the film featured (critics called the film dull, but I think it was very well-put together).