Universal trashing all old master tapes?! (rhumor)


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I know this isn't disney related, but I wondered if anyone here might have heard this rhumor or know more about it.

Recently, Universal opened it's vaults for like... the first time ever... to help release the TV scores to "Amazing Stories," so far there are 3 sets to be released. 2 have already been releleased...

But also since then, a few scores have turned up on the internet. For example, a thought to be lost/destroyed stereo master tape for Family Plot must have surfaced as a low bit rate, mono COMPLETE score showed up online... it even had John Williams counting down the beats and some alternate/unused material... a great set... and it is mono, but it almost sounds stereo... kinda weird... but still an amazing find!

Now, a cd has turned up online with scores to a lot of old Universal thrillers and such, and it includes the work of Jerry Goldsmith among others.

Since then, there has been this rhumor floating around that Universal is trashing all it's old masters... some say it's digitizing them and then throwing out the masters... but it's hard to say. Eaither way, as much as I love digital, it is safest to have the original master stores safely away in a climate controlled area...

The idea of them simply trashing these recordings breaks my heart... I don't care if they're good/bad/indifferent... these are people's work... someone's lively hood...some film out there relied upon these moments in time stored on these masters to heighten the sensation of the film... people got paid for this... composer, recording artists, orchestras, etc... it jsut seems like a sacriledge to have them just... dumped away...

Has anyone heard this? Can anyone confirm this? I'm asking around on a lot of music boards because it truly concearns me...

Thanks again for any help...


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It does seem a shame if the rumor is true. I can see maybe Universal wanting to free up space, but I know somebody out there would love to get this stuff and store it themselves. Why they couldn't have an auction or something, I don't know. Hopefully this is just rumor, and they are continuing to store this stuff as well as digitize it.

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A shame but I can see it happening. i know Disney expends a great deal of money to store each and every possible analog recording in temperature controlled facilities. Who knows, it may never become an issue but if it does it's nice to know that the master is still around.


Disney has all the facilities they need for that sort of thing. All they have to do is stick it in the Disney Vault and it's fine =D


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see... that's what we said about Universal... the masters that came out for Amazing Stories were near flawless... at least the ones stored at Universal.

THey never open the vault which is why we say that it's the safest place... nothing can happen to them lol..

and I remember watching on the Little Mermaid feturette about them going into the vault and finding all the stuff there... it was really impressive...

Just hope that this rhumor isn't true...
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