Under New Management?Get the Fever Questions...


I have a few things that have been lurking in my head and Im wondering if Anyone can answer these questions for me:

1. Does anyone know how many, and what queue music tracks there are for the Under New management show? I know one of the tracks is Quiet Village from Martin Denny...but how many more are there (and what order are they in?)

2. Same question as 1 but in regards to the Get the Fever show in Tokyo.

3. I forgot, who was the voice of Pierre in the OG Tiki Room show?

dang, I thought I had more questions...Ill post them when I think of them :)

Thanks for your time :)




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the OG Show? Not sure what you mean.

In the New Management Version it was Jerry Orbach of Lumiere/Law and Order fame.


yeah, Jerry Orbach took over...but in the original show it was someone else.....hmmm, wait a sec I think I know where to find this....brb...

(rifles through the bookshelf looking for something)

ahhhh yes... someone gave me a copy of the WD Eye magazine...(He did security for Imagineering for a few weeks...bastard) and they have an article on TETR: UNM... it says here that Ernie Newton was the original voice of Pierre!

Whos Ernie Newton?