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Bitchen, dudes, there are only 3 surfin' tracks left to go! I'm stoked!

I have now included links to MP3s of the unknown Surf Pool tracks for those who'd like to play along at home. Maybe you can help!

I'll have updated links for the most likely sources once the playlist is complete.


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Well, I did pass on doing any recordings at the Yacht & Beach. I would record the Beach side gift shop loop, but I don't see a way to do it. But I'm passing on the other loops.

I did, however, find three loops at the Boardwalk I want.


Apparently someone got a hold of the original session tapes and re-released different/incorrect versions of most of the tracks on The Dragsters around 1973 or so when Jim Messina had become a household name by producing drivel with Kenny Loggins.

Uh oh.... welcome to the danger zone!


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Are you sure you want this stuff?! Every track is Irish/Celtic folk music: fiddles, flutes, tin whistles, and an occasional bagpipe.

Absolutely! The gift shop music rocks. The lobby music, not so much.
I was gonna help you out with this park, guys, I went like 5-6 times cause we get in free for a limited time for Cast Members. well now I am blocked out of the park til august, but I scouted the locations thoroughly and liked what I heard! I wish these lists would come back up cause this is another waterpark on my list to do and I already have blizzard 3/4 done, just missing some yodeling and polka tracks. I dont have an induction recorder, but I can get very VERY clean recording of loops with my Iphone 4G. Please bring these loops back, Jay! :)