Two WDW Music Questions


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Greetings - I am new to this site so please excuse me if this has already been discussed. I have two questions regarding some specific music at WDW:

1) Does anyone know who wrote the orchestration for the current 'Ellen's Energy Adventure" at Epcot? For some reason I really like this, especially when it is cranked at 120 decibels as it is during the presentation. Has this attraction soundtrack been released?

2) I really enjoy just relaxing in the lobby of the Grand Floridian and listening to the piano arrangements of classic Disney tunes on the grand piano. Has Disney released any of this on CD?


Alex K

Let's try:

1) Bruce Broughton composed Ellen's theme, but check for other credits at - I know Intrada (?) released a Bruce Broughton promotional CD a few years back which included the Ellen track from the attraction. (Anyone want to sell their copy?)

2) I have not listened to the piano at the Grand Floridian, but I do have the CD "Once Upon a Romance" by Emile Pandolfi which includes several relaxing disney melodies played on the piano. Check Amazon or some other online store. The CD is still in print. My family has heard this CD played at the Wedding Pavilion also.

Hope this helps.