Two new TDR CD's are on their way...


Just wanted to inform everyone that two new CD's from the Tokyo Disney Resort will be released on June 19.

Title: Mermaid Lagoon Music Album
Price: 2,000yen (US$15.49)
Catalog Number: AVCW-12283
Contains the music and sounds from Tokyo DisneySea's "Mermaid Lagoon" attractions and the show based on the movie, "The Little Mermaid."

Title: It's a Small World
Price: 2,000yen (US$15.49)
Catalog Number: AVCW-12284
Contains versions of "It's a Small World" in Japanese, English, Italian, Chinese, Spanish languages, as well as arranged instrumental versions of the song done in Hawaiian, Brazilian and other styles. The song is played at Tokyo Disneyland's attraction of the same title.


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I just received the CDJapan news on these releases. This is getting to be a bit expensive! I broke down last week and ordered the three previous TDS discs. If these keeps up I guess I'm going to have to start budgeting for two or three discs a quarter from TDR.

My kids love when I play these CDs, and have started asking when they can go to Tokyo. Maybe when Hong Kong opens and we can make a Pacific Rim Disney tour?

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I have arrived in Japan to see our family and visit TDR during my vacation. I have also bought two CDs mentioned above.
These are Copy Control CD (CCCD). As I posted previously, Avex began to use the copy protection on Disney CD. You cannot copy them to CD-R. (MD is OK) In some CD, DVD, MP3, CD/LD and CD-R/RW players, CCCD might not be played. Avex is not responsible on this issue. That means, even if you could not play the CCCD on your player, it could not be exchanged, returned except the defect on the in-process of Avex. Windows are compatible, but player recorded in the CCCD was used. Of course there is no "record" button. When you insert the CCCD into the CD drive, the player would automatically appear on the display. If not, click on the CD drive icon in "My Computer". Macintosh is Not compatible.

Both CDs are worth buying, I think. Mermaid Lagoon BGM is cool. I am excited to go to TDS. ;D

Joe, English titles are written in the insertion of the CD. Your translation is almost the same, so I do not post except Track 16 Russian Band. You might have better Japanese knowledge than I! :eek:


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I can't wait for my CD's to arrive! I have a question though. Is the "Small World" CD the original World's Fair version, or the newly recorded one? I forget which one Tokyo Disneyland uses.

I am disappointed that the CD's are copy protected too, but I guess I'll have to deal with it. I hope they decide that it's a bad idea and stop using it.


Thanks for the nice comments Yoshi. Actually, I just copied the track listings from the AVEX site. I haven't had a chance to buy or listen to the CD's themselves. I'll get them this weekend when I visit TDL. I hope you enjoy your stay in Japan and visit to TDR although it had been raining a lot this week.

About the AVEX copy-protection, it has already been broken and reported all over the net a few months ago. The technology used by Avex is similar to the one introduced by Sony. And it is amazing how easily it was done. Many previous AVEX releases with the new copy-protection have appeared on MP3 sites and other places for download.



I noticed in Joe's tracklist the following 3 tracks which were not on the original 1964 soundtrack lp: Hawaiian Hula, Tahitian Drum, and New Guinean Drums. Since they were not on the original soundtrack, I'm guessing that the South Pacific Islands room was not part of the original World's Fair presentation and that it was added to the attraction for its DL debut. Does anyone know if this is the case?

The Hawaiian music from the original has always been my favorite. The grand orchestrations of the main theme playing in the background for the newer DL/DLP version ruined the atmosphere of the South Pacific room towards the end of the attraction at DL. Actually, that's what I dislike about the newer music: it creates a little too much unity from room to room, so that the individual themes are not as pronounced, not to mention not as original in composition, imho, as their original counterparts.