Twister: Ride It Out Music Scores

I just downloaded a torrent know as Twister: Original Score!! The music is every single solitary piece used in the film! Now what I need help with is.....I know most (if not ALL) the music is from the movie, but I need to know what music tracks are used throughout the attraction!! I need a live recording of the music for everything(Preshows, Main Show, Exit Music)!!!
(Sounds from the preshows and main show can be good too, as long as I can hear the music in most areas so I can do a track-by-track comparison and see what tracks were used and what is unreleased)!!

Can anyone help???

I am trying to recreate a needle drop (or mix) of the scores throughout this attraction!!!

Thanks in Advance!!


I recently bought the Original Motion Picture Soundtrack for Twister so I think I can help you out. The first pre-show uses the musical track "Downdraft". The second pre-show and ride itself uses edited versions of "Drive In". The edits for the track can be heard a few seconds before the stage drops. The exit music is the track "Wheatfield".

dark doge

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hey i've recreated the real main show soundtrack
the score is from water world, twister and close encounters enjoy my friend