Twice Charmed CD question


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Hi everyone!

I just recently got news regarding a Disney Cruise Cd release for one of the shows they have on the boat (the Magic), called "Twice Charmed, an original twist on the Cinderella Story".

Has anyone heard of this before? What is it like? And while I'm at it, are there any other Disney Cruise CDs out there?

Thanks so much for your help, enjoy your day!

As far as I know, they only sell this CD on the Disney Cruise Ships. It does not appear on amazon, Yahoo shopping or eBay (but that could change of course). I am not aware of any other Disney Cruise Line CD's other than this one.

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Actually Disneyland sells this in a few locations and therefore, I assume WDW does too.

The music is pretty standard Disney theme park fare, not particularly singable and barely clever lyrics. However it's bright and bouncy and would probably be an enjoyable show in person. It's not cutting edge Broadway, but I'm sure all the little princess fans out there would love it. It has a similar story to the upcoming CInderella III (DVD), in that it involves the Stepmother and sisters travelling backward in time to undo the happy ending of the original film. I haven't seen the show, only heard the CD.