Tutti Camarata, Disney Legend

I'm glad Randy Thornton finally got his cards... or is it records?... out on the table, because keeping his secret has been MOIDER for those of us who knew about it. The new project to rerelease so many of the old Disneyland and Buena Vista LP's will dovetail nicely with the impending comprehensive book on the subject (Fall 2005).

Meanwhile, at today's ceremonies in Burbank, 90-year-old Tutti Camarata is belatedly being recognized as a Disney Legend in honor of the countless records he captained for Disneyland and Vista from 1956 to 1971. It is so nice that this is being done before it was too late. He is more than deserving of this honor, so hook up the old stereo and play his magnificent 1957 Darlene Gillespie arrangements of the ALICE IN WONDERLAND songs as a tribute!
Good to hear from you, Tim! I've thought of you the past few days, as all this information has finally surfaced regarding the "renaissance" of the DL(and hopefully, WDW) Forever system--great news, and great job keeping mum!!!

Thank you for the news about Tutti--and thank you so much, Mr. Camarata!


P. S. The old stereo is just fine, always hooked up and ready to go, especially with that release of the NBC soundtrack on vinyl--as we say these days, "what's up with that?"(I do hate that expression).


Talking about Disney Legends, does anyone understand why both Oliver Wallace and Paul J. Smith have been so far IGNORED?

Anyway, it's nice to know that some are celebrated while alive!

Thanks for the info!
Robie Lester was among Tutti's longtime performers who attended the ceremony on Thursday, and here is an abbreviated version of the report she sent about it:
"The day was beautiful and sunny and the ceremony took place in an outside garden. Roy Disney was the MC. We were seated in the second row behind Tutti and his entourage.
He greeted me with big hugs and his wife was delightful.

"When each nominee was mentioned, one of the Disney characters came skipping out to accompany them. It was charming..

"When Tutti's name was called he went up to the mike and said, 'Much of the credit for the products I was able to deliver were thanks to my talent pool like Robie Lester, Thurl Ravenscroft, Marni Nixon, The Sherman Brothers...' Needless to say I was flattered and pleased.

"When I saw Gene Merlino, Richard Sherman and Thurl, I was greeted with love and warmth. Thurl was a ghost-like figure in a wheel chair. He was so weak it took three men to help him. He was effervescent with me but it saddened me greatly to see him like that.

Love you all,
In case anyone didn't understand her reference to Gene Merlino, he is the singer who performs DAKOTA and 'BOUT TIME (with Loulie Jean Norman) on the "second cast" album of THE ORIGINAL FAMILY BAND. Undoubtedly he appears without credit on other LP's and/or singles from the same period.

Congrats again to Tutti and Co.!
Thank you, Tim, for the happy, but also sad news--Robie's description of Thurl Ravenscroft, whose health appears to be deteriorating; his is one of the Disney voices that is so important to me.......and speaking of Disney Legends, has Thurl been named a Disney Legend yet?