Trying to put together Ultimate Main Street CD

Ryan Kilpatrick

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Hello all! I have been working for a few months now on trying to put together an Ultimate Disneyland CD compilation. Right now, I'm working on Main Street Music. Below are the tracks I have, with a star by the ones I need to get to finish the CD. Does anyone have some of these or have more tracks to go on the CDs?

Main Street Area Music (1992-Present)
01. Goodbye, My Coney Island Baby
02. Smiles
03. Old Timers' Waltz Medley
04. Dearie
05. In My Merry Oldsmobile
06. Triplets
07. Elegance
08. Aviation Rag
09. Put On Your Sunday Clothes
10. Desecration Rag No. 1: A Symphonic Nightmare
11. Fortuosity
12. Let's Have a Drink On It
*13. Surrey with the Fringe on Top
*14. Many a New Day
*15. Kansas City
*16. Sidewalks of New York
17. Mary's a Grand Ol' Name
18. Flitterin'
19. Summer Magic
20. Beautiful Beulah
22. I Could Love a Million Girls
23. Yankee Doodle
24. Winter Garden Rag
*25. Wells Fargo Wagon
*26. Lida Rose
*27. Iowa Stubborn
28. Oh You Drummer!
29. Junk Man Rag
30. In the Hills of Old Kentucky Medley

Great Moments With Mr. Lincoln
- The Walt Disney Story 23:00
- Opening 1:06
- Two Brothers 1:26
- Speech 3:40
*- Underscore and Golden Dream 3:00

Sound Effects 10:32
- Wizard of Bras 1:19
- Dentist’s Office 4:15
*- Party Line Telephone 3:14
- Man Shaving 1:44

Main Gate Announcements 11:06
- Passport Annoucements 2:19
- 1956 Main Entrance Ann. 2:13
- Parades, Tram, Closing 3:27
- Ticket Book Facts 1:49
- Early Morning Ann. 1:08
- Closing Announcement 1:10

Disneyland Railroad 9:48
- Depot Announcement :52
- Ticket Announcement 2:07
- Show Narration Part 1 3:44
- Show Narration Part 2 3:05
*- Primeval World Music
- Grand Canyon Suite

Main Street Electrical Parade
- MSEP 14:02

Misc. 11:40
- Entertainer Rag 2:42
- Music of Main Street 3:00
- Flag Retreat Ceremony 5:58

When I start working on the other lands, I'll post those as well. Maybe together we can all compile the complete soundtrack to Disneyland!
The Primeval World music shouldn't be too hard to find. It's the Prelude to Mysterious Island (by Bernard Herrmann). (Imagine my surprise when downloading that track completely by accident because I liked the book and immediately recognizing the music!)

Ryan Kilpatrick

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I had that written down somewhere, but I had just forgotten. Thank you, O King of DL Music.

Anything you think I might have forgotten from that list?

Jason Hyatt

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I have the Oklahoma medley:
*13. Surrey with the Fringe on Top
*14. Many a New Day
*15. Kansas City

and the Music Man medley:
*25. Wells Fargo Wagon
*26. Lida Rose
*27. Iowa Stubborn
(which includes Gary, Indiana at the beginning)

IM me or email me. I would be happy to share!
The CDs look good, though if this was a "concept" album I'd include some unreleased material. Here are a few things to consider:

* Santa Fe & Disneyland Railroad Depot Announcements (done by Ward Kimball!)
* Original Primeval World music (from the Magic Skyway pavilion at the World's Fair)
* Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln Load Music
* GMwML - Battle Hymn of the Republic
* Main Street Christmas Loop
* Main Street Cinema Music

Oh, and the first song on "Walt Disney Takes You to Disneyland" (Overture & Main Street U.S.A.) contains an excellent long instrumental of "Meet Me Down on Main Street"!


Ryan Kilpatrick

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I've got Battle Hymn of the Republic, so I'll throw that on there. The Christmas Loop will be on my Christmas CDs, which I won't do for some time.

As for the rest of the stuff, any idea how to get a hold of that? What is the old Primeval World music or the Main Street Cinema music? I thought about putting an .mp3 of "Steamboat Willie" on for the Cinema, but I figured it would be kind of dull. Maybe "Turkey in the Straw"?


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i have the complete soundtrack to "Beauty and the Beast - Live on Stage" from Disney MGM Studios. it was the origional show from 1991 - 2001. the new show is much better. its more in the story line.