True Colors Information



This one really does prompt the "oh, for God's sake" reaction in me, so I hope you'll forgive me if I come off as abrupt.

1) Tom Kelly & Billy Steinberg are NOT the singers of True Colors, they are the song's authors. This stupid piece of misinformation gets repeated almost as often as morons continue to post the Cyndi Lauper and Phil Collins renditions of the song on Usenet.

2) A high-fidelity recording of the entire HISTA preshow has been posted on Usenet roughly half a dozen times in recent months. Yes. The entire preshow. Including "True Colors". Yes. The right version of it. Complete. High fidelity. I promise.

Sigh. If you need a repost there, just sing out.

I believe 14 plasma screens are used. There is a new CG animated logo of the institute with the same "We're Crazy...About Ideas" Introduction.

The show consists of three shorts: one of a boy and a dog, a couple getting married, and a boy and a girl (I believe). Apparently, they deal with the imagination in one way or another.

I will miss True Colors, too, but I'm interesting to see how the new show turns out.