Track list for "WHERE MAGIC LIVES ON" The Offical Album of WDW


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The new Walt Disney World album is now available throughout the Resort as well as through WDW Mail Order.

The Officail Album "Where Magic Lives" 60064-7

3. Yo Ho (A Pirate's Life for Me). THE PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN
4. Bear Band Serenade. COUNTRY BEAR JAMBOREE
5. Splash Mountain Medly. SPLASH MOUNTAIN
6. Grim, Grinning Ghosts. THE HAUNTED MANSION
7. it's a small world. IT'S A SMALL WORLD
8. Epcot Entrance Medly. FUTURE WORLD
9. Test Track Medly. TEST TRACK
10. Impressions de France. IMPRESSIONS DE FRANCE
12. Playhouse Disney Theme. PLAYHOUSE DISNEY LIVE ON STAGE
14. Part of Your World. Voyage of the Little Mermaid
15. Hooray for Hollywood. HOLLYWOOD BOULEVARD
16. The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror. TWILIGHT ZONE TOWER OF TERROR
17. The Tree of Life Theme. THE TREE OF LIFE
18. Beauty and the Bees. IT'S TOUGH TO BE A BUG
19. It's Tough To be A Bug. IT'S TOUGH TO BE A BUG.
20. Fantasy In the Sky. Magic Kingdom Fireworks

This will make for some interesting discussion.



Gah, that figures! Yet another rehash of the previous CD, with just a couple of additions (and not really ones I'm interested in, at that!). ::) How depressing.

Thanks, Parker! As I see it, the only new tracks are:

12. Playhouse Disney Theme. PLAYHOUSE DISNEY LIVE ON STAGE
19. It's Tough To be A Bug. IT'S TOUGH TO BE A BUG

Tracks 13 & 14, if indeed they are from the actual WDW attractions, were available on Disney Forever.

Tracks 12 & 19 would be new actual attraction audio. I applaud the addition of Track 19--a track which serves an "official album" well: to give park-goers some music to help them remember their park experience.

Other than that.....yawn..... ::)


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It's Tough To Be A Bug was actually on the DCA Album and it is different from the show mix (different vocals, etc).

So really, it's only 1 new track. And I bet that's on one of those crazy Playhouse Disney albums.

**runs to media shelf, pulls out DCA CD, finds "Tough To Be A Bug" tracks, blushes :-[, returns CD to shelf, returns to computer**

Oooops! Sorry! It sucks worse than I thought--unless, of course, the TTBAB track is the actual soundtrack from the WDW show?!?!

Oh. Forgot where I was for a second. Never mind. ::)
...and what sucks even more is reading the track list for this 11-CD set just released for TDL.

I mean, c'mon.....a Jammitors track?!?! That would be awesome and the kind of thing we should be seeing more of from WDW.

I know TDL collectors are disappointed that so much of the material is re-release stuff.

If only us WDW folks could be so disappointed about the re-release of 11 CDs of park maeterial. :mad:
I guess it's pretty much as we expected......the usual suspects. I didn't know It's Tough to be a Bug was on the DCA CD--but maybe this version will be what we hear at the WDW show? Can something be new??!?!

One final comment--looks like they did take my suggestion(ha!) to end the hypocrisy--they (sadly) dropped There's a Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow from the line-up......I take this as a definite hint that a more permanent closure of the Carousel of Progress may be in the works, as has been suspected........a nice finale to their 100 Years celebration.......Mike.


We've even lost what was possibly the most orignal addition in years - Sonny Eclipse.

...And they wonder why P2P File Sharing is 'killing' the music industry...

BTW This talk of Carousel of Progress makes me so sad. That ride WAS my childhood memories of WDW. :'(
I ABSOLUTELY agree with your Sonny Eclipse comment--I missed the fact that they hosed him this trip around, as I was hoping they might even change the selection(Planetary Boogie??!?)......very discouraging! I don't think I can hand them $20 for It's Tough to be a Bug(when it may not even be the WDW version).......Mike.

Dr. Know

This is a huge disappointment, though not unexpected. There is nothing new on this disc that I want or need. I assume the Epcot Entrance Medley track is just good old Energy again (and not the newish Epcot entrance theme that I have been wanting so badly).

Too bad. :(


Hey there, Hi there, Ho there,

for sure the playlist of the new OA is disappointing for us (I don't even want to hope something like the Epcot Entrance Medley would be exciting material ... guess we will learn soon enough) but once again I wonder: why don't they realize that they can make money with CDs??

Regarding nothing new in the resort = nothing new on CD messages that frequently come up: why don't they use the CDs as advertising tools? I remember when the CDs where still available nationwide in CD-stores and I do believe this worked as a kind of ad for the resort. This would make especially sense if you would have released an OA with a track of an upcoming attraction as they could have done this year with the OA and Philharmagic.

But again .... we are talking about Disney so what do we expect?



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Yes, they did that with the Millennium Celebration CD, and previous OA's, so why not distribute a few to record stores around the country? It would make sense that it would advertise the resort and get peoples interest peaked again. I just don't think they care. A CD is just another thing to put on the merchandise shelves, and nothing more to them. I don't have any faith that the US parks will come up with anything new/good in the next few years. I don't even think we'll see anything fresh on CD for Disneyland's 50th, except maybe the new parade and fireworks shows.
Even if the CD's are just more merchandise on the shelves, don't they realize that with just some additional effort(thought?) into the CD's themselves, along with some appropriate marketing, that they could turn out more profits? But maybe the all-mighty accountants have it figured out that the extra profits generated wouldn't be enough to off-set the cost of generating a better just funnel the money into the next line of Pooh underwear, more cost-effective in the long run--it's a pretty dismal forecast if that type of thinking is running the show--Mike.


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That's the kind of thinking I was referring to. It's the "why take risks?" mentality. Who want's to spend money on a CD that they feel nobody would buy when you can dress Pooh up in a Buzz Lightyear or Princess costume and make a fortune, right?
It's just so sad, Ben--music is such an integral part of what is "Disney," that you'd think there would be some dedication on the company's part to keep providing us with an ever-fresh supply of material, to keep whetting our appetites for more--it's that artistic committment that's instead we get the money men calling the shots and going for the easy buck--bring on more Pooh Lightyears! Mike.

Dr. Know

At least give us back Disneyworld Forever if you're not going to vary the contents of the official albums!

I just don't get it; there is so much wonderful music played all over the Disney parks, and the same tired selections are re-released year after year. I mean, what's the point of hiring a composer to write a new theme for the entrance to Epcot, recording a magnificent suite with an orchestra, and not offering any of it for sale. The themes to Ellen's Energy Adventure and Honey I Shrunk the Audience are played in the entrance area every 20 minutes, but still haven't appeared on any park cd!


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It is sad. They just keep rehashing the same old thing over and over just to make a quick buck. There is so much material out there that they haven't released, but rather than do that, they go with the familiar and release it en masse so that the market is oversaturated and people get sick of it, which in turn causes them to not take any risks and therefor not release obscure or non "main stream" stuff.

Just look at what other studios and record labels have done with their old catalogues, movies, and shows. You can find collectors editions of many of the MGM classic films. Many many older and more obscure Broadway shows are being released with bonus material. Artists who would normally never see the light of day get limited releases on CD.

Then there's Disney. They have only scratched the surface. And what does get released is relegated to the Children's section because that's been the majority of what they've released, so why should the record stores bother to separate it? It's all the same to them. OK, some do put the soundtracks in the right section, but many do not.

Disney has not fully tapped into the collector's market with CD's. There have been a few, but they just must not feel that the interest is there. It definitely is not a labor of love for them.

Although, I do have to say that during Walt's era a lot of crap was released on LP. So despite having such a rich musical heritage, I guess the company has never really felt people wanted "just the music".
Right, Dr. Know, that's another point I was going to raise as well--a multitude of artists and other talented people have made some tremendous efforts over the years to give the Walt Disney Company a continuing supply of quality music for the parks--it's a disservice to them, as well as to us, to not make at least some of it more available. Mike.