Toy Story Scores Arranged for New Disney Attractions


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Earlier this month, composer/orchestrator Jennifer Hammond was at the famed Capitol Records Studios recording new music for an exciting Disney Parks project. Taking themes from Randy Newman's two Toy Story films, Hammond arranged over sixty minutes of score, which will be used at two Disney theme parks: Disney's Hollywood Studios at Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida, and Disney's California Adventure at Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, California. In Orlando, the music will be heard on a continuous loop in a newly re-themed area called "Pixar Studios", and in Anaheim it will play while visitors to the park wait in line for the new "Toy Story Mania!" attraction. Both are scheduled to open later this spring.

The score was recorded over a few days at Capitol's Studio A, where Hammond conducted varying ensembles of the Hollywood Studio Symphony. Orchestrated by Marshall Bowen, Larry Rench, Ladd McIntosh and Leland Bond, Hammond's score consisted of new arrangements based on the themes Randy Newman wrote for the original films, as well expanded musical ideas based on selected underscore moments. Bowen was present in the booth along with scoring mixer Charlie Pakaari and Walt Disney Imagineering Music Executive John Dennis.

The "Toy Story Mania" and the "Pixar Studios" area will be opening later this spring.

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I wonder if the music in the queue is the same as what is playing outside the attraction?? The one time I was in the queue, there was music playing, athough there was no music playing outside.? Jay, in an earlier post, mentioned there was an exterior BGM playing when he was there, although there were no accessible speakers.?

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Thanks for the tip thx69, cool to know it's new stuff and not just needledrop.

Not sure exactly what the speaker situation will be down here in Cali since ours hasn't opened yet, however I have noticed the pole speakers around the attraction aren't playing anything at the moment. What with the existing Paradise Pier loops and King Triton's Carousel next door though I don't know if that would gel or not, so it could be it will only play in the queue. At any rate I'll be checking it out once the attraction opens and making a recording if I can.


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For those that have an interest, the version used in WDW is 59:40 and, from what I can tell, the exterior BGM is the same as the queue BGM. Based on the post by thx99 above, it appears the WDW and DCA versions should be the same, but hopefully someone who lives on the west coast can confirm this.

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...from what I can tell, the exterior BGM is the same as the queue BGM.
My guess is that the exterior BGM will change once the new Pixar attraction moves in next door. It wouldn't make a lot of sense to play only Toy Story music, if you've got a spinning coaster next door representing Finding Nemo, Ratatouille, Monsters, Inc., etc. (whatever the latest tittle-tattle happens to be). Knowing that addition(s) to Pixar Place are coming, it's strange that Disney put so many Toy Story props out on the street.