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I've now seen the Toy Story 3 soundtrack in both the :mp3: Amazon and :itunes: [itunes='']iTunes[/itunes] download stores and I'm wondering if we're seeing a repeat of Up where there just isn't going to be a CD. I can't find any information on a CD and came here to see if I can stir up any enlightenment on the subject.


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There's a CD for Up... in fact, the soundtrack won an Oscar!

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There's a CD for Up... in fact, the soundtrack won an Oscar!

Nope, no CD. Not one that was released for sale to the public, anyway. There is a promo that was sent to Academy members.

As for Best Original Score, I much prefered Bruno Coulais' score for :cd: [i]Coraline[/i] (not nominated). Heck, I much prefered :cd: [i]Coraline[/i] (nominated) over Up for Best Animated Feature, too. Coraline was totally robbed in my book!

I'm a huge Disney/Pixar fan, obviously, but I think there are times when Pixar wins because of the (much deserved) name they've built for themselves, rather than actually being the best of the best for a given year. Most Academy members are too busy doing other things to actually watch some of this stuff.

Also, just like when you were in school, and it was time to vote for class president, student council president, or homecoming queen, there are lots of politics at play in the Academy. The best person doesn't always get the job in school (or in Washington!), and the best films don't always get the Oscar, either.


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Up was boring (imo). I haven't really enjoyed the last few Pixar films, but I am looking forward to TS3.

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I ADORED Up. Though I also loved Caroline in different ways. Mikey's score on Up, though, was fantastic, and if you can find the 2-CD release floating around somewhere, it's brilliant.


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Downloads are OK but you can't beat a piece of plastic on a shelf.