Tower of Terror Audio


Anyone ever heard a direct recording of the Tower of Terror preshow or the on-ride music? The only music on the official albums is a mixture of the beginning ascent on the elevator and the music as the elevator ascends to it?s second stop (to the end of the ride). It doesn?t include the Corridor scene (the hallway with the ghosts). I?ve been looking for that and just the narration for a long time but I haven't been able to find it anywhere. Thanks!


PS: ToT nut- are you still out there?
As I mentioned in another thread, the Music you hear on the OA is actually played in the exit corridor of the attraction. [Note: WDW's Tower]

As for the audio for the attraction, I don't believe anyone has been able to leak it. The reason for this is because or at least at Tower is that all the attraction audio is on SMC [Smart Media Cards]. Each of these cards holds certain sections of the audio from the attraction at a very large file size and they are mixed accordingly. It would be very hard for any joe blow cast member to go into the A/V cabinets [which are locked] and obtain the SMC's. Another reason its hard to obtain the audio is due to the fact all the files are .sfd files. You need a good mixing program to peice all the files together and convert the uncompressed audio into various formats, mp3, OGG, WAV, ect...