Tower of Terror Area Music


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Loop runs 01:00:44

The loop plays all around the exterior of Tower of Terror as well as in the Tower Shops.

Note: Individual tracks, in addition to the reconstruction in general circulation, are not accurate.

I have not, and most likely will not, attempt to identify the source CD of each of these tracks. In my view, listening to the source tracks is not the same as listening to the versions used in the actual loop, which have been processed with effects, such as echo return. It's likely the overall effect could not be duplicated, even if one identified the source tracks to work with, without knowing the various effects and settings used when the loop was mixed.

Hands down, one of my favorite loops in all of WDW.

01 - There's a House for Sale in Harlem
02 - Jungle Drums
03 - Sleepy Time Gal
04 - I Can't Get Started
05 - Mood Indigo
06 - Wishing (Will Make it So)
07 - Uptown Blues
08 - Remember
09 - Dear Old Southland
10 - Jeep's Blues
11 - Pyramid
12 - Deep Purple
13 - Jitterbug's Lullaby
14 - I'm in Another World
15 - We'll Meet Again
16 - When the Sun Sets Down South
17 - Delta Mood
18 - Alabamy Home
19 - There's No Two Ways About It
20 - Inside (This Heart of Mine)