Totally OT - Free, easy Midi editor?


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OK so I'm OT once again. Surprise surprise.

Can anyone recommend an easy-to-use Midi editor, preferably in the form of freeware? All I want to do is cut a song so I can use it as a ringtone, so I don't need bells and whistles.

I thought that my Audacity program could do this, but I was can't handle MIDI's yet.

I have a PC with XP.



Eddie Valiant

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Hi Sharon,

I can't vouch for this program since I've never used it, but you can take a look and see if it might satisfy your needs:

The download is free and it looks like the big limitation is that you can't record/save anything longer than 1 minute in length unless you pay for an upgrade, but since it sounds like you don't need that long of a clip, this may work for you.

This one may even be more appropriate to what you're looking for:

Eddie V.


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Argh....I just looked back and can't believe that I never told you "thank-you!" THANK-YOU!!! I do't know if that 2nd one will mentions converting the files but nothing about cutting them. It also looks like you're limited in what filesa you can use, in the trial version.

I DID download the Anvil progam and was even able to get my MIDI file loaded (a big deal for me) but I'm still trying to figure out how to cut out the time before and after the 15 or second of the song that I want! I wish that Audacity was midi-compatible!

Thanks again!



Active Member husband is a technical genius! Well, maybe not...but he's definitely a whole lot better than I am! He figured out how to use the Anvil program, taught me what I had to do and now I have my REALLY cool ring tone! Woo hoo!

And no, it's not a Disney song.

It's not even a Toxic Audio song. Anymore .