Tortuga Tavern


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Tortuga Tavern is rarely open when my family and I get down to WDW, but this time it was. As my son ate his turkey leg, I Shazamed some music. This is incomplete, as I was only there for half an hour or so.

Reels: Jackie Fitzpatrick's/The Boy in the Boat - Donal Clancy - Masters of the Irish Guitar
The Wise Maid - Swallow Tail Jig - Swallow Tail Jig
Den Toppede Hone - Accordion Festival - Harmonikutururin
Erin Isle Hornpipe - Various Artists - Irish Drinking Songs
Two Hornpipes (Tortuga) - Hand Zimmer - Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest (Soundtrack)
The Flowing Tide/The Gypsies/The Roaring Hornpipe - Deby Benton Grosjean - Celtic Voyage
Sliabh Russel/Come West Along the Road - William Coulter & Friends - Celtic Sesssions
The Donegal Set - The Chieftains - Water From the Well

That's all I got.


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Thank you for the info.

I will add:

The Quilty Hornpipe - The Quilty Hornpipe - Skip Henderson
James B. Waltz - John Kusiak - Celtic Voyage
(?) No Retreat, No Surrender - Audiomachine - Worlds of Wonder