Top Five Disney parades Ever!!!!


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Ok you the top five Disney parades that you have seen ever! These can also be parades that you think are really cool, but haven't seen yet. For your #1 spot tell us why.

Here's mine.

5) Fantillusion

4) Remember the Magic

3) SpectroMagic

2) Share a Dream Come True

1)Dreamlights- the floats are beautiful and massive.

Ok...your turn


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Well now Sharon...that just not fair...LOL. Even though I see what you mean, after all it is a classic! ;)


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Sigh...OK, want DIFFERENT parade (and reasons) for each one, I'll give you different parades:


1. MSEP (WDW version)
- I saw the next-to-last showing in 1991
- I braved huge rainstorm, threat of tornadoes and 8 hours of sitting and doin' nothin' but people-watching, to see the comeback in 1999 from straight-dead-center of the train station.
- I saw the very last showing (again) in 2000. I cried .

2. MSEP (DLP version)
- Stood in line for 3 hours in June 1996, to see the parade that I thought I would never see again. Watched a lot of people push and shove their way to the front but heaven forbid they even TRY to push this tiny-but-mighty American!
- Noted the distinct LACK of the "Salute To America" float .

3. MSEP (TDL version)
- Missed it by 3 hours in April 1994. Parade was scheduled for 7pm, but I had to leave the park at 4pm to meet my friend in (I think) Asakusa. Grrrr!

4. MSEP (NYC 5th Ave. version)
- Was working at TDS at the time (Store #535, Staten Island NY) and had the opportunity to be IN the parade, but my b!+


I saw the MSEP in at DCA is February and it was
wonderful to see it again (like a friend you hadn't
seen in a while) but MSEP really should be on
Main Street in the Magic Kingdom where it belongs.
I will never forget the first time I saw the MSEP at
Disneyland in 1987! I thought it was just about
the most thrilling parade I'd ever seen! So dazzling
and the music is of course classic!! I also really
love Spectromagic and the Christmas parade with
the marching toy soldiers from Babes in Toyland!
I can't remember the name of the parade that had
the giant float of Minnie dressed up as Carmen
Miranda, that was worth the price of admission alone!


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#1 - MSEP
#2 - Spectromagic
#3 - Tapestry of Nations
#4 - World According to Goofy
#5 - Lion King Celebration


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Thank you Sharon!
I hadn't became a fan of Disney nighttime parades until 1996, when I saw SpectroMagic for the first time. I thought it was goregous! I was also very pist off! (Moments before the parade began my camera went black and never came back on.) Anyway, I went to the Emporium and found Disney Classics Vol II. I look on the back scanning each of the track tittles. My eyes stayed glued to the 9th track, which is obviously the DL MSEP soundtrack. I got it right away! I had talked to friends who had seem the parade before. They said it was the best thing they had ever saw! Meanwhile, I saw that the Disney Channel was going to air it on TV in honor of the Hercules Primere. I recored it and saved it. I was watching the 1999 "Happy Easter Parade" which showed a promo for the classic, and I was filled joy knowing that I would be able to see it! I wanted to go see it Christmas 1999 in WDW, but my D*@# manager wouldn't let me off. (I quit a couple of months after that!!) I went to WDW in June of 2000 had my Camera and an extra battery packed! Luckliy, I didn't need it! I got the whole thing on tape! I must admit, it was a night I'll never forget! As someone said earlier the MSEP should be back in the MK where it belongs. Disney also need to STOP and CELEBRATE EACH DECADE the parade is still running! I can't believe what they did for the 30th Anniversary!---NOTHING!!!!!!!!!

*Keep the MSEP alive!*


I've never been overseas, only to the California and Florida parks, so bear with me.

5. Share a Dream Come True
4. Disney's Magical Moments
3. SpectroMagic
2. Lion King Celebration
1. Disney's Electrical Parade
1. Disney's Fantillusion (TDL)
2. Remember the Magic (WDW MK)
3. Disney on Parade: 100 Years of Magic (TDL)
4. The Halloween Parade at Mickey's Not-so-Scary Halloween Party (WDW MK)
5. The Magic Kingdom's Easter Parade (WDW)


Well, to be honest with you, I'm not much of a parade person, w/ the exception of the nighttime parades, which I've always loved, growing up w/ the MSEP @ DL. I've only visited the U.S. parks, so here are my favorites of what I've seen.

1. DL MSEP (the one and only original classic)
2. WDW MSEP (only got to see it once in '89; still had IASW)
3. Disney's EP (DCA) (I agree; it belongs back in the MK)
4. SpectroMagic (score really grew on me after the 1st time)
5. WDW Remember the Magic (liked the 25th anniv. theme)


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1. Main Street Electrical Parade (all versions)

2. SpectroMagic

3. Tapestry of Nations

4. Lion King Celebration

5. 20th Anniversary Surprise Parade

Jessica L

1. MSEP (the first parade I ever saw, a classic - and nothing will ever replace it)

2. Tapestry of Nations (not that stupid Dreams version - what were they thinking tampering with something so beautiful!)

3. Mickey Mania Parade (I thought it was so fun and very infectious!)

4. Remember the Magic (love that song - I still sing it today)

5. All Around the World (from DLP - only saw the top half of the parade due to crowds, but that song was so great!)


Jessica L

I believe that I first saw the parade in 1987, if that's possible. I was only 2 at the time - but I remember seeing these huge floats full of color pass by.

I've been an Electrical Parade fanatic ever since! I don't enjoy SpectroMagic (although I do kind of like the song...) but it makes me cringe when I see those silly Chucklehead things.

I saw the EP in Disneyland Paris and it was the funniest thing to hear the openng announcement in French. I was cracking up and the people I was with were giving me these weird looks. It was too funny!

I really need to get out to DL/DCA and see it again. Maybe someday... But I did feel like I lost a good friend when it left...



1. MSEP (a classic)

2. Fantillusion (looks and sounds so stunning in everything I have seen, can't wait for the premiere next year in Paris)
2. Tapestry of Nations (tied on the second place for its incredible beauty and new appraoch to parades)

3. Wonderful World of Disney Parade (full 1998 version with all the floats - not the short current version with all the old floats instead of the beautifull newer floats like the giant Princess Staircase...)

4. Disney's Cinema Parade (at Walt Disney Studios at Disneyland Resort Paris - small but great floats, if only the parade wouldn't race down the track inbetween the stops which tehy should eliminate if you ask me)

5. Disney Stars and Motorcars Parade (for the great looking cars and the wonderful concept, showing that size does NOT matter)



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1. Tapestry Of Nations
2. Spectromagic
4. Remember The Magic
5. Fantillusion (haven't seen it in person, but the pictures I've seen and the gorgeous music puts it on the list)

Special mentions: DMGM's Toy Story Parade; DMGM's Mulan Parade (the dragon/wall was amazing); Epcot's Tapestry Of Dreams (It's great but it lacks the excitement/energy of ToN); DMGM's Disney Stars In Motorcars Parade