Tomorrowland Safety Spiels

X-S Tech

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Just for the heck of it I've taken to splitting up the various "Safety Spiel" DLForever tracks. On the Tomorrowland Safety Spiels there are a 2 pieces that I can't quite identify. At the 3:55 mark, there's a track which mentions "Rockets in a holding pattern", which I can only assume is Space Mountain. Can anyone confirm this? Also the last track which starts at about 4:14 is Jack Wagner mentioning that "the Cars will soon resume motion" or something like that. Is this a generic safety spiel or does it apply to one attraction? Thanks for any help.

And if anyone knows approximate years for any of these, that would be great too.
yes.......that one is SPACE MOUNTAIN and the last one is the PEOPLEMOVER (the high pitch horn recording that follows was omitted from the DL FOREVER tarcks).........