Tomorrowland Area Music


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Loop runs 39:35

The loop can be heard all around Tomorrowland including inside Cosmic Ray's Starlight Cafe, Mickey's Star Traders, and on the Tomorrowland Transit Authority. No music plays in the Merchant of Venus or Auntie Gravity's Galactic Goodies. The current loop was installed sometime in 2003.

Prior to this version, the loop was comprised of commercially available "new-age" type music, which played from the late 1980's until 1994. The playlist was as follows:

01 - Bubble Shuffle - Larry Carlton - On Solid Ground
02 - Night Fire Dance - Andreas Vollenweider - Down to the Moon
03 - The Palace - David Arkenstone - Island
04 - Summer's Day - Suzanne Ciani - Neverland
05 - Windswept - John Jarvis - Whatever Works
06 - Inside the Sky - Steve Haun - Inside the Sky
07 - Inside the House - Azuma - The Wanderer
08 - Sea Space - Larry Carlton - On Solid Ground
09 - Fire Ritual - Patrick O'Hearn - Between Two Worlds
10 - Behind the Waterfall - Paul Speer & David Lanz - Natural States
11 - Generation Prelude - Peter Buffett - The Waiting
12 - Generation - Peter Buffett - The Waiting
13 - Elsewhere - Vangelis - Direct
14 - Hidden Pathways - Bruce Mitchell - Hidden Pathways

I never made my own recording of this loop, but there is a reconstruction of the loop, running 58:47, in general circulation.

In 1994, with the conversion of Tomorrowland into the "Future that Never Was," the new-age loop was replaced with a loop comprised of old Raymond Scott recordings. Apparently, the loop was rather short, running close to 15 minutes. The playlist was as follows and all tracks can be found on the CD "The Raymond Scott Project, Volume One: Powerhouse."

- Powerhouse
- Dinner Music For a Pack of Hungry Cannibals
- Toy Trumpet
- Penguin
- Moment Whimsical
- Reckless Night on Board on Ocean Liner
- Steeplechase

A reconstruction of this loop, running 15:14, has been made and is in limited circulation. After its short use, a different loop, arranged by George Wilkins, was installed which was, in essence, a knock-off of the Raymond Scott loop. There are 11 tracks of the Wilkins loop in general circulation, all with no stated track names. These 11 tracks were obviously cut from a single loop, but I haven't been successful in tracking down the uncut version. Perhaps, due to legal reasons, the Wilkins loop was removed shortly after installation with the New Age loop being used once again.

I have no information on what music was played in Tomorrowland prior to the use of the New Age loop. Thanks to sds910 for providing the information on the Raymond Scott and George Wilkins loops.