Tomorrowland Area Music (old)


Does anybody have any idea what the area music would have been in WDW's Tomorrowland in the late 70's to mid 80's? Also any other areas of WDW during that time? Thank you very much



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The Tomorrowland BGM that is heard on Digital Disney's audio version of TTA sounds like first Sea Space, then Fire Ritual , (abreak into Space Mountain Star Tunnel when cutting through Space Mountain) finishing Fire Ritual and then Behind the Waterfall.

The video of TTA sounds like The Palace at the beginning. Then a break into Space Mountain and then when it's out Summers Day is playing. And for some reason when the it gets closer to Carousel of Progress you can hear Beauty and the Beast (not a part of the TL BGM), but it must have been in the Tomorrowland theater.

Here's a question: what year did the above mentioned BGM for Tomorrowland start? with the 1994 renovation?



The "New Age" version of the Tomorrowland BGM was one of the last loops assembled by the late great Jack Wagner and was probably introduced no later than 1990 and no earlier than late 1989. It was temporarily replaced for the 1994 rehab by a pair of new loops -- first, a set of 1940s-era recordings by the Raymond Scott Quintette and then a newly-recorded Scott soundalike before reverting to the "New Age" loop (roughly 1996 - 2003). The original poster does ask a very good question: namely, what the Tomorrowland BGM was during the 1970s and 1980s... anyone?