Tomorrow Land DVD easter egg...


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Haven't seen any mention of this here!

On disc 2, go to "Bonus Features". Highlight "Main Menu" and then click the right arrow key on your remote. A red, semicircular "meter" illuminates to the left of "Main Menu". Click select or enter on your remote.



There are a number of sites online that offer up hints about the Easter Eggs for the Disney Treasures, Wave 3, DVDs... Too many for me to list here.

However, there is one site I've found that offers some pretty in-depth reviews (along with mentions of the eggs) of Wave 3, as well as the previously released waves. You can find it here:

I just picked up all four DVD sets in Wave 3 from amazon (via a link from the Target website--the cost was 23.09 each--plus shipping (about 5 bucks)). All in all, an excellent return for the $100 I shelled out. I've been watching them each night since I've got them last week. My 3 year-old son can't get enough of the Chronological Donald set! There's some marvelous stuff on these discs!

Keep 'em coming, Disney! :)