Tom Sawyer's Island music



Can anyone verify from where the Tom Sawyer's Island tracks that have floated around for a while originated? I'm assuming the Harper's Mill tracks only play at Harper's Mill? Does anyone know if they play in parks other than DL?

Also the other Tom Sawyer loops that circulates...sometimes it's listed as the fort loop...sometimes as Aunt Polly's loop. Can anyone clarify this? Again...does this play in any parks other than Disneyland?


I believe music used to play at Fort Sam Clemens (aka Fort Langhorn) at WDW; I'll have to see if I've got any audio/video of that to confirm.

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As far as Tom Sawyer's Island at Disneyland goes, I am aware of two loops that played there.

Injun Joe's Cave (wind effects with the occasional cry of a banshee. I noticed the cry sounded like the wicked witch from Snow White when she falls off the cliff).

Fort Wilderness Loop

1. Home Sweet Home
2. Old Kentucky Home
3. Old Folks At Home (Swanee River)
4. Old Susannah
5. Unidentified

I wasn't aware of a loop playing at Harper's Mill in Disneyland. Perhaps someone could shed some light on this.



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I can say the the WDW TSI Fort Area BGM loop is the same as the track listing I put up and it runs at 4:37. If the labeling is correct, then this loop plays/played at both Forts.

I see that the red water-powered mill at WDW is named Harper's Mill and I bet that creaking frog track plays there.

Since the track listing does not match the forts, it "should" be the track listing for Aunt Polly's.

The shorter TSI BGM music probably plays throughout the island in various locations and the magnetic mines seem to have a few loops in there as well.

I think Disneyland may pick up some new loops for soon to be built pirate areas and cave which should make it easier to tell things apart very soon.