Tokyo's Princess Days question

Hi all,

I remember from an earlier discussion that it was thought Cinderellabration 2006 was the same as a previous version.

What about the Princess Days 2006 cd? Does anyone know if that is the same as the earlier version, too?



I don't have the earlier versions of Princess days on cd, but I did buy the new 2006 version, and compared to the videos of the parade from pervious years- it does seem to be exactly the same.

Cinderellabration was the same as last year, but a bit different than the 2003 20th Anniversary year edition.

By the way, next year will be the last year for both Cinderellabration and Disney Princess Days, I believe.
So they may do some new things with the music and shows for their final presentations.
Thank you, tcsnwhite. It can get confusing with the albums each year having different artwork but then the same content! Not that I'm complaining, it's wonderful to have so much music to choose from. ;D Thanks again!