Tokyo DisneySea Original CD (Only available at TDR)


I just let you know that the Tokyo DisneySea original CD has been released. (I am not talking about 3 CDs that will be released on March 20.)

This CD is only available at Tokyo DisneySea and some shops in Tokyo Disney Resort.
That means you cannot buy this CD through CD Japan and general CD shops.

"Tokyo DisneySea The Music of Entertainment" (2,700 Yen)

1.???Lido Isle Meet & Smile (Show)
2.???Porto Paradiso Water Carnival (Parade)
3.???Sail Away (Show)
4.???Donald's Boat Builders (Show)
5.???Mystic Rhythms (Show)
6.???Under the Sea (Attraction/Show)
7.???DisneySea Symphony (Nighttime Show)

I think this is Not the limited edition. Clearly it is worth buying since you can listen to some tracks only on this CD.



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Konnichiwa Yoshi!

Oh good...more TDS CD's! Joe (my husband) gave me the TDL set for our wedding (arigatogozaimashita for your help) and I've sent him a copy of your message now, as a "hint" or next Christmas. Take care!



Howdy Sharon

Yes, total 4 TDS CDs are released this month.
I am glad that you could get the TDL Treasures of Fantasy. This CD set is my real treasure. I hope you will get the TDS Entertainment CD as the Christmas gift, too.

The question seems to be: The Music of Entertainment CD. are these tracks on this CD duplicated on the other CD's that are avaliable from CD Japan?

Also What is on The TDL Treasures set and where can ity be found.


Hi Thomas

My CD has not arrived yet. I asked my friend about the Entertainment CD.

1.???Lido Isle Meet & Smile > Same as Tokyo DisneySea Theme Music (AVCW-14426)
2.???Porto Paradiso Water Carnival > Edited. Show mode only
7.???DisneySea Symphony > No Mickey's dialog

About Tokyo Disneyland Treasures Fantasy (10 CD set), ask the payment and shipping details at

The price is 28, 900 Yen. (In addition, you must pay the shipping fee to foreign countries.)

The some of the songs were available on this CD set.
For example,
Tokyo Disneyland Parade (though not complete version)
Entrance BGM (3 songs)
Aladdin's Great Adventure (Show, full version is only on this CD set.)
Countdown Parade 95 and 96
Vacation Jamboree
Jingle Bell Jamboree
Starlight Fantasy 91 (It was my favorite fireworks show!)
Westernland BGM (7 songs. Some of them available on other CDs and DL/WDW Forever CD)
And so on.

Also check "Disney Dreams"(20 soundtrack CD set that Randy produced. Included bonus tracks we can listen to only on this set) You can ask the info at the above email address.

Treasures Fantasy Site:

Disney Dreams Site:
Hi, Yoshi --

Do you know which track on the Tokyo Disneysea theme song CD is the same as Lido Isle Meet & Smile?

I think it's track 3, but I can't quite remember.



I think the track 1 is the same. "Come with Me" was used at grand opening ceremony and there is no plan to use at the other shows. (from "Disney Fan" magazine.)

Of course you are right, Yoshi. I remember it now. They play the theme song (track 1) as the characters arrive by boat. Thanks for jogging my pathetic memory!

Hi there,

Who could help me to get a copy of the TDS CD that is only available inside the park? :'( Please email me at

I appreciate that!!