Tokyo DisneySea/land Music Albums 2008


The Japanese Amazon site has them up for preorder with Japanese only track listings. From a pretty basic online translating service, it looks like we may get the new Sinbad ride through mix:

1. [akuasuhuia] plaza ~ day 2. [poruto] [paradeizo] (port [temasongu]) [[medeiterenianhaba]] 3. American water front (port [temasongu]) [American water front] 4. [potodeisukabaritema] (port [temasongu]) [[potodeisukabari]] 5. Storm rider suite (attraction music) [[potodeisukabari]] 6. Lost river (port [temasongu]) [lost river delta] 7. [indei] Jones ® adventure: Demon shrine (attraction music) of crystal skull [lost river delta] 8. [arabiankosuto] (port [temasongu]) [[arabiankosuto]] 9. Magic lamp theater suite (attraction music) [[arabiankosuto]] 10. Sindbad [sutoributsuku] [vuoyatsuji] " [raidosuru] mix " (Attraction music) [[arabiankosuto]] 11. Mermaid song (port [temasongu]) [mermaid lagoon] 12. [mameidoragun] theater (live entertainment) [mermaid lagoon] 13. Weird island (port [temasongu]) [weird island] 14. Center of [ji] ground (attraction music) [weird island] 15. Seabed 20,000 mile (attraction music) [weird island] 16. Tokyo [deizunishi] suite

And the following is the Tokyo Disneyland listing:
. Tokyo Disneyland band 2. The Caribbean pirate " [raidosuru] mix " 3. Horn Ted apartment 4. Traveling 5 of Peter pan sky. [itsutsu] [a] [sumoruwarudo] 6. Venture travelling 7 of Pinocchio. [kantoribea] theater 8. Star [tsuazu] 9. Splash mountain " [raidosuru] mix " 10. Bicycle piano 11. [tountaun] 12. [katounsupin] 13 of [rojiyarabitsuto]. Honey hunt 14 of [pu]. [dorimusu] (fireworks) BONUS TRACK


Been a while since they released anything from the rides, hasn't it? Most of it looks the same, but looks like Sindbad will get some kind of release! Woo hoo!

Weird island? haha

I love how Haunted Mansion is turned into "Horn Ted apartment."


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Well, hooray that Tokyo Disneyland finally broke it's mold with the Music Album. Yeah, there are a lot of repeats, but at least it's not the same thing since 1985, with minor additions. This time, it looks like they started from scratch...kind of. And, a Splash Mountain "ride thru mix"? And possibly a Star Tours track? (I suppose that could end up just being "Droid Room", but....) Also, I'm very happy to see they included the 25th fireworks show as a bonus track! Tokyo DisneySea is a lot more rehash, but to get a Sindbad ridethru is great!

There are a few things missing that I'm surprised at, but oh well. For TDL there is not a Buzz track, or anything for the upcoming Tiki Room with Stitch. At TDS, nothing from Tower of Terror...and I don't think those port theme songs were used outside of the grand opening, or inserted into special events. I wouldn't mind ditching those for good. Still, glad to see what they did include.

As for translation, I find that Google's is actually pretty good. It even gets the attraction names right, like Pirates & HM. Here's my put together track list from that.

Tokyo Disneyland Music Album 2008
1. Tokyo Disneyland Band
2. Pirates of the Caribbean "ride-through mix"
3. Haunted Mansion
4. Peter Pan's Flight
5. It's A Small World
6. Pinocchio's Daring Journey
7. Country Bear Theater
8. Star Tours
9. Splash Mountain "ride-through mix"
10. Bicycle Piano
11. Toontown
12. Roger Rabbit's Cartoon Spin
13. Pooh's Hunny Hunt
14. Dreams (fireworks) BONUS TRACK

Tokyo DisneySea Music Album 2008
1. Aquasphere Plaza ? Day
2. Porto Paradiso (port theme song) [Mediterranean Harbor]
3. American Waterfront (port theme song) (American Waterfront)
4. Port Discovery Theme (port theme song) (Port Discovery)
5. StormRider Suite (attraction Music) (Port Discovery]
6. Lost River (Port theme song) Lost River Delta]
7. Indiana Jones ? Adventure: Temple of the Crystal Skull (attraction music) Lost River Delta]
8. Arabian Coast (Port theme song) [Arabian Coast]
9. Magic Lamp Theater Suite (attraction Music) [Arabian Coast]
10. Sindbad's storybook Voyage "ride-through mix" (attraction music) [Arabian Coast]
11. Mermaid Song (port theme song) [Mermaid Lagoon]
12. Mermaid Lagoon Theater (Live Entertainment) [Mermaid Lagoon]
13. Mysterious Island (Port theme song) [Mysterious Island]
14. Journey to the Center of the Earth (attraction music) Mysterious Island]
15. 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea (attraction Music) [Mysterious Island]
16. Tokyo DisneySea Suite


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If you're wondering about the possibility of the missing Pirates dialogue being added, I think Randy ruled out that possibility anytime in the forseeable future.


Whooo Hooo! Dreams of the 25th Track Listings: (From

Disc 1

01. Viva! Magic

02. Remember the Dreams

03. Club Disney Super Dancin' Mania

04. Blazing Rhythms

05. Mickey Mania

06. Lilo & Stitch's Big Panic

07. Disney's Halloween 2006

08. Disney's Halloween 2007

09. Christmas Fantasy 2007

10. Disney's Rhythms of the World

11. Countdown Party (2007)

12. Porto Paradiso "Eterno"

13. Mickey's Fantastic Caravan

Disc 2

01. Tokyo Disneyland Parade

02. Disney Classics on Parade

03. Disney Fantasy on Parade

04. Disney's Fantillusion!

05. Disney Carnival

06. Electrical Parade Dreamlights

07. Disney's Dreams on Parade

08. Porto Paradiso Water Carnival

09. DisneySea Symphony

10. BraviSEAmo!

11. The Legend of Mythica

Disc 3

01. Tokyo Disneyland Is Your Land

02. One Man's Dream

03. It's a Musical World

04. Feel the Magic

05. Fiesta Tropicale

06. Kickin' Country

07. Once Upon a Mouse

08. Mickey's Adventureland Marty Gras

09. One Man's Dreams II

10. Minnie Oh! Minnie

11. Super-Duper Jampin' Time

12. Lido Isle Meet & Smile

13. Donald's Boat Builder

14. Big Band Beat


5 brand new tracks, and if you don't want to get the 3disc set, 3 of those tracks appear on the 1disc =)

Now in the past, when they say Countdown XXXX, the XXXX is the year they're counting down to, meaning this'll be 2 countdown parades ago counting down to 2007 with the high school musical lead-in, just fyi.


Kinda makes me bummed that I bought a lot of this stuff as individual releases before. These may be edits though, and not the complete show.

Was Countdown Parade 2007 ever released previously? I remember reading on the vote site that all these tracks have already been previously released.

I would just be happy with Countdown Parade 2004...pleaseeeee?!


That was assumption on our part that everything was prereleased. Chances are it'll be edits, well not edits but like 1 loop of the main theme, which could be useful since things like 2007 halloween parade we didn't get a characterless loop ;) The dreams on parade one is probably the track they've included before that starts out main theme and jumps into fantasyland if you want an example.


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Yeah, these new tracks are great! The Countdown 2007 track is good. As are the rest. They were going to release a CD of "Mickey's Adventureland Mardi Gras" a few years ago, but it was cancelled, I'm glad to see it resurface here. Also, i wonder if the Dreamlights track will have the new (non christmas) float music?

Definately a must-have for me...well, ALL TDR CD's are "must haves"...


Supposedly only the last three tracks on Disc One and tracks 8 & 11 on Disc Three are the only new, un-released tracks. also made a correction that the Countdown track on Disc One is now "Countdown 2008"


Supposedly only the last three tracks on Disc One and tracks 8 & 11 on Disc Three are the only new, un-released tracks. also made a correction that the Countdown track on Disc One is now "Countdown 2008"

Very nice. This was the whole "Year of the Mouse" theme right, where they used "Mickey Mouse - Our Shining Star" for the showstop? If so, I am going to be quite a happy camper.


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Supposedly only the last three tracks on Disc One and tracks 8 & 11 on Disc Three are the only new, un-released tracks. also made a correction that the Countdown track on Disc One is now "Countdown 2008"

Except that we don't know if the tracks are different edits of previous releases, or things like Dreamlights include the new float music.
Wow! So excited about this! Especially the 25th fireworks, and MICKEY'S ADVENTURELAND MARDI GRAS! (and yes, I'm really shouting for joy.) I loved that show so much! Remember the pre-announcements? "Do you like music?" "Do you like having fun?" Ha!