Tokyo DisneySea 5th Anniversary ALBUM- ?



Does anyone know what the tracks are on this new 5th Anniversary ablum for Tokyo DisneySea?
Here is the link:

It is a 2- disc album, and I am wondering if it is basically a re-packaging of an older DisneySea 2-disc album titled "This is Tokyo DisneySea", or does it actually have very much new material on it?

thanks! any info is greatly appreciated.


Here?s the track listing:

Disc 1
1. Sea Of Dreams - Tokyo DisneySea 5th Anniversary Theme Song
2. Meet & Smile
3. Over the Waves [Edit Version] - Opening Scene
4. Big Band Beat [Edit Version] - Sing Sing Sing
5. The Legend of Mythica [Edit Version] - The Legend of Mythica Part 6
6. (ENHANSUDO) Tower of Terror's Mystery (sorry for the poor translation)

Disc 2
1. Aquasphere Plaza - Day
2. Porto Paradiso (Port Theme Song)
3. American Waterfront (Port Theme Song)
4. Port Discovery Theme (Port Theme Song)
5. Lost River (Port Theme Song)
6. Arabian Coast (Port Theme Song)
7. A Mermaid Song (Port Theme Song)
8. Mysterious Island (Port Theme Song)
9. BraviSEAmo!
10. Aquasphere Plaza ? Night

So, all of Disc 2 and most of Disc 1 has been previously released (most of it on "This is Tokyo DisneySea!"). The only track that I don?t think has been released before is the Tower of Terror one.

Henry Fink


The two tracks below are first-time releases:

2. Meet & Smile
4. Big Band Beat [Edit Version] - Sing Sing Sing

I haven't been able to find a track 6 on either of the two CD's in the release. All I have seen about "Tower of Terror" is the information inside the CD jacket.

6. (ENHANCED) The Mystery of Tower of Terror

The new Meet & Smile song is great and worth having.

I guess "Over the Waves" is being released in its entirety soon?

The whole "Big Band Beat" show should be released too ... i saw a while back a listing for AVCW-12513 "Broadway Music Theatre Show" but have never seen any other reference to it. Does anyone know if they plan on releasing it?
Thank you, the genii.

Almandot, "over the waves" is the new show on the stage in front of the Columbia at TDS. It replaced "Sail Away."

Personally, I preferred "Sail Away" with its old-timey banjo music. "Over the Waves" music is, um, sillier.