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Epic post ahead:

Alright, I recently acquired the "Tokyo Disneyland: Treasures of Fantasy" box set (1996 version) and finished sorting through all the music, but I still have a ton of questions. There's very little info out there as to what exactly each of these songs are. The website Tokyo Disney Resort at Home has been a tremendous help in terms of separating one attraction from another, but having never been to Tokyo Disneyland, I'm at a loss as to exactly *what* these shows are, *where* they are (as in which section of the park), and *when* they ran.

The three main bits of information I’m interested in is (a. where in the park is each ride/show located? (b. when did each show run? And perhaps most importantly: (c. in the case of shows that are incomplete, were any other songs from them every released on CD? Here’s all the info that I’ve gathered/still need on each attraction, going in the order of the songs as they’re presented on the CDs. I list each attraction once, even though many of them contain multiple tracks. You can check the link above for specific details. Please bear with me!

Disney’s Fantillusion – a night time parade. (Where?) TDL appears to have a normal parade route. (When?) Wiki says it ran from ’95-’01 (Complete?) Appears to be, and also has some bonus “underliners”, whatever those are.

Tokyo Disneyland Parade – Based on some limited information about TDL's early parades, and it's placement in the CD set, I'm thinking this was the main parade that ran in the park's early years. (Where?) The parade route? (When?) Looks like 1983-1988. (Complete?) Almost definitely not.

Disney Classics on Parade – a parade with various floats corresponding to classic Disney movies. Again, I've deduced that this is probably the five year anniversary parade. (Where?) Parade route. (When?) According to Wikipedia, 1988-1991. (Complete?) No.

Disney Fantasy on Parade – very similar in format to the above but a later, 10th anniversary version. Also, part of the music appears to be synthesized versions of what would actually be a marching band performing, although the synth track is probably used in the parade as well. (Where?) Parade route. (When?) 1993 to ???. (Complete?) No.

Main Entrance BGM –I’m assuming this is World Bazaar area music, so I’ll forgo the other questions.

Star Tours – “The Droid Rooms” is identical to the one from the American parks, but I’m not sure how the “Star Wars Theme” here fit into the ride.

Space Mountain Atmosphere – very similar to “Com Chat” from WDW, but this is longer and sounds richer.

Feel the Magic – (Where?) Looks like it might be Tomorrowland, but that’s just a guess. (When?) Youtube says it ran from ’95-’99? (Complete?) Seems to be.

Toontown – there are three songs here: “Welcome to Toontown” and “Toontown Spin Around” could be from shows or they could be area music. The third track “Radio Show” is over 14 minutes long. I have no idea what this is – a long area music loop, perhaps?

It’s Magical! (10th Anniversary Spectacular) – a Castle stage show, that some seem to be calling the finest TDL produced. (Where) at the Castle stage. (When?) I’m guessing ’93, but I don’t know if it ran longer. (Complete?) Appears to be.

Big Thunder Mountain Atmosphere - sounds self-explanatory

Festival America – a seasonal event, but I can’t find many references to it. I don’t know if it’s a parade, a show or something else. (Where?) No clue. (When?) No clue. (Complete?) Certainly not - the newer Treasures of Fantasy has a different song from it.

Hub Horseless Carriage Atmosphere – sounds good, but I have no idea what the Hub Horseless Carriage is, or where it is.

Lucky Nugget Stampede – a stage show at the “Lucky Nugget Stage”. (Where?) Westernland. (When?) No idea. (Complete?) Probably.

Rivers of America Atmosphere – sounds self explanatory again. I’m assuming this is piped through speakers around the river or on the Mark Twain Riverboat.

Country Bear Jamboree – (Where?) Frontierland I assume. (When?) ’83 to present according to Wiki. (Complete?) Seems to be, but I’m not positive.

Westernland BGM – self explanatory again. Some songs are identical to those in Orlando, others sound different.

Disney Party Gras Parade – (Where?) Parade route. (When?) I’m only finding references to 1991. (Complete?) Could be.

Mickey Mouse Carnival “Hot Hot Hot!” – (Where?) Castle stage. (When?) No idea. (Complete?) Appears to be.

Sebastian’s Caribbean Carnival – (Where?) Adventureland. (When?) Not sure. (Complete?) Appears to be.

Adventureland Review – (Where?) Adventureland. (When?) Don’t know. (Complete?) Absolutely not.

Jungle Cruise Atmosphere – self explanatory.

Adventureland Atmosphere (Talking Drum) – this one’s a bit more of a mystery. I’m assuming it’s piped into some specific location of Adventureland.

Enchanted Tiki Room – this is the version (I believe) that preceded “Get the Fever” and “Aloha E Komo Mai”. (Where?) Adventureland, I assume. (When?) Wiki says ’83-’99. (Complete?) Seems to be a medley of all the songs, but no dialogue in between.

Golden Island – the “Hukilau Song”. I have no idea if this is a show or not. (Where?) Adventureland, but that’s just a guess. (When?) No idea. (Complete?) Who knows?

Aloha! Mickey – “Beyond the Reef” song. All my guesses on this would be the same as above.

Mickey Mania – a parade, according to TheWorm above. (Where?) Parade route. (When?) Only ’95, according to youtube. (Complete?) Probably.

Mickey Mouse Club – TheWorm indicated that “Mickey’s Birthdayland” was a show at the Small World stage, and this contains a song by that name. I also found some video on youtube. (Where?) Fantasyland. (When?) TheWorm and youtube both indicate 1995. (Complete?) Appears to be.

Mickey’s Birthday Song - here’s where it gets confusing. This sounds very similar to the previous, “Mickey Mouse Club”. It could be a variation of the same show, but I can’t find references to it anywhere. (Where?) No idea. (When?) No idea (Complete?) No idea.

Mickey’s Sports Festival – Found very few references to this. (Where?) Don’t know. (When?) Don’t know. (Complete?) Probably not.

Mickey’s Space Fantasy – a castle show, according to TheWorm. (Where?) Castle stage. (When?) Don’t know. (Complete?) No.

We Love Mickey Mouse – couldn’t find any reference to this at all. (Where?) No idea. (When?) No idea. (Complete?) No idea.

Western River Railroad Atmosphere – “Arrival” sounds. This is a train that runs through Frontierland, Adventureland and Critter Country.

Aladdin’s Great Adventure – a stage show based on the movie. (Where?) Castle stage. (When?) Found a reference to ‘94. (Complete?) Appears to be.

Tom Sawyer Island Atmosphere – self explanatory

Pinocchio’s Daring Journey – not sure about this. It sounds like it could be area music, as opposed to the actual ride audio.

Pirates of the Caribbean – “Pirates Life for Me” song, identical to all other parks.

Tom Sawyer Island Atmosphere – this is a different track, for the night time.

Haunted Mansion – “Grim Grinning Ghosts”; same as other parks. This is in Fantasyland, since there’s no Liberty Square.

Peter Pan’s Flight – I’m assuming this is area music again, but I’m not sure.

Western River Railroad Atmosphere – “Departure” sounds.

Happy Unbirthday Party – I found one reference to this. It seemed to indicate that this was actually a party, which park guests could attend. Here’s the link: (Where?) Not sure. (When?) early ’95 apparently. (Complete?) Don’t know.

Alice’s Wonderland Tales – a stage show at the Small World stage. It was part of the same seasonal event as the Unbirthday Party. (Where?) Fantasyland. (When?) Early ’95. (Complete?) Probably.

Funderful Wonderful Friends – No idea, except that an American CD release with the same title is subtitled “Songs Just for Girls”. (Where?) Beats me. (When?) Beats me. (Complete?) Looks like it might be.

Plaza Playtime – Appears to be a stage show, but I don’t know which area. (Where?) Don’t know. (When?) Only found a reference to 1991. (Complete?) Definitely not.

Cinderella’s Golden Carousel – Two songs from the ride. Almost definitely not complete, but hey, it’s carousel music.

It’s a Small World – just the theme song, in Japanese.

It’s a Musical World – Very long track, but still appears to be only part of the show. (Where?) Fantasyland, I assume. (When?) Found a video from ’91. (Complete?) No.

Tokyo Disneyland is Your Land – I’m finding multiple references to this song, but no references to any shows it might be from. (Where?) Don't know. (When?) Don’t know. (Complete?) Don’t know.

Disney World Fair – Specifically “Meet the World With Love”. This was a song written by the Sherman Brothers for a TDL show called “Meet the World”. However, this version is very different, and I don’t know if it’s for a show, or expo or what. (Where?) No idea. (When?) No idea. (Complete?) No idea.

Disney Musical Fantasy – I’m finding one reference to this as a Castle show on youtube, but no actual video. (Where?) Castle stage, maybe. (When?) Don’t know. (Complete?) Almost certainly not.

One Man’s Dream – a stage show. (Where?) Tomorrowland, according to youtube. (When?) Don’t know. (Complete?) Appears to be.

Countdown Parade – a (apparently epic) parade that is held every New Years Eve. This is a conglomeration of various songs used in multiple parades, so it’s not “complete” per se. I have to say I love the Japanese version of Talespin, singing Happy New Year. (Where?) Parade route. (When?) ’94-’95 and ’95-’96. (Complete?) I don’t think so, but maybe I’m wrong.

Christmas Fantasy ’95 – I’m finding references to the various “Christmas Fantasies” as both a parade and a Castle stage show, so I’m not sure which one this is. (Where?) Not sure. (When?) 1995. (Complete?) Looks to be.

Christmas Fantasy in the Sky – I’m assuming this is a fireworks show. (Where?) Above you. (When?) Not sure. (Complete?) Don’t know.

Jingle Bell Jamboree – Sounds like a Christmas version of the Country Bear Jamboree. (Where?) Should be Frontierland. (When?) Seasonal, but not sure which years. (Complete?) Could be.

1995 Stardust Christmas – Can’t find any details. (Where?) Don’t know. (When?) 1995. (Complete?) Probably not.

Cinderellabration – I actually found a CD of this show at my local Japanese bookstore, but it looks like it’s been going on for many years and may have changed. I should go buy that… Also, the songs are listed a “Show” and “Parade”. I don’t know if the “Parade” is a real parade or just one that moves across the stage. (Where?) Castle stage, but maybe elsewhere. (When?) Not sure, especially since this might be a unique version. (Complete?) Probably not.

Rivers of America Atmosphere – this ones for the night.

Splash Mountain – Anyone who has multiple bits of Splash Mountain music knows that there’s a million different incarnations of the same songs. This is yet another unique version of “Laughing Place” in English, as well as “Zip-a-dee-dee-dah” in Japanese. I’m assuming these are just “album” versions of the ride songs.

Tokyo Disneyland Electrical Parade – Tokyo’s version of the famous parade. (Where?) Parade route. (When?) ’85-’95. (Complete?) I think so.

Magic in the Sky ’93 – The first of a bunch of fireworks shows that round off the set. There seems to be an incarnation of this show every year, so it’s difficult to get info on a specific one. (Where?) The sky. (When?) 1993. (Complete?) Don’t know.

Stardust Fantasy ’94 – Same deal as above.

Dancing Starlight Fantasy '92 – Same deal as above

Starlight Fantasy '91 - Same deal as above

And finally….
Snow White Grotto – appears to be a fountain with background music. This is the Japanese version of the song “I’m Wishing”. (Where?) I think Fantasyland, but I could be wrong. (When?) Don’t know when it was built, or if it’s still there. (Complete?) I’d assume that the fountain plays other songs, so probably not.

Phew! Thanks to anyone who's stuck along this far! I'm hoping not only to get some of my own question answered, but also to help people who may have no idea how to even differentiate between the groups of songs on the box set. I assume that there are some people on this website with more TDL experience than myself (I have none) and hopefully they can help me with these attraction details. Also, if anyone knows other CD releases that might contain complete, or at least more complete versions of the attractions above, I'd love to know. I know Tokyo Disneyland releases tons of music and it's an immense amount to navigate, but many of you probably have a great deal of knowledge regarding those releases. Also, I want to apologize that my first post on this forum is so painfully massive, but I posted these same questions on MB months ago and only got one response. If anyone can help I'd appreciate it immensely!


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This is a lot to digest! :lol:

The Space Mountain com chat should be the same version used in WDW, at least dialog wise. Perhaps some of the background SFX is a bit different, but I never did a side by side comparison of the background sounds (although I have for the dialog).


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Hello Broiler Bro Joe! The Treasures of Fantasy: D&A is a great set and when I got mine, I was asking the same questions as you! But I've found a little more information in the years and I'll be happy to share what I know, although I've never been to the Tokyo Disney parks...yet.

Disney's Fantillusion! is complete as far as I know and ran the typical parade route which is from Fantasyland (near Haunted Mansion) around the huge hub and back up to ToonTown. (Parades in Tokyo do not run through the covered World Bazaar (Main Street.) It ran between TDL Electrical Parade (1985-95) and the new TDLEP: Dreamlights (2001-) which means it ran from 1995 to 2001. A smaller version is currently running at Disneyland Paris.

Tokyo Disneyland Parade opened with the park 1983 to '88 and the track is not complete. The previous Treasures of Fantasy set from 1996 does feature an additional track from this parade called World Bazaar.

Disney's Classics on Parade- you're right, it was the 5th Anniversary parade and about the years it ran. The tracks are not the complete parade soundtrack.

Disney's Fantasy on Parade is the 10th Anniversary parade. it ran from 1993-98. (The Disney Party Gras parade ran 1991-93.) The tracks are not complete but there is a separate CD that features the parade-13 tracks that include the Fanfare, Underliner, Opening Unit, Beauty/Beast Unit, Snow White Unit, Dumbo Unit, Little Mermaid, Pinocchio, Fantasia, Peter Pan, Alice/Wonderland, Mary Poppins, and Cinderella Units.

Feel the Magic played at Showbase (Showbase 2000 at the time) in Tomorrowland from 1995-99.

Toontown Radio Show is the 14 minute loop that plays in Mickey's living room on his radio. The station's call letters are W.A.C.K.Y. Radio Toontown!

It's Magical! played in front of the castle for 1993 and '94. Portions of the main theme can be found at Disneyland (California) fireworks show Magical!

---I'll continue to post again soon!

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TDL's WACKY Radio is actually almost the same as DL's version... in Japanese.


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Festival America was an event that took place celebrating the 4th of July to the 7th in 1985 according to Joe in Japan's site. It was also help the following year in May to commemorate the opening of an attraction called American Journeys. Again thanks to Joe's knowledgable site!

The Hub Horseless Carriage is a recording of the hub in front of the castle. The horseless carriages refer to the motor vehicles used in America at the turn of the last century. No autos go into World Bazaar so they simply circle the large hub.

The Lucky Nugget Stage was a bandstand located right next to the Lucky Nugget Cafe in Westernland.

Country Bear Jamboree plays in Grizzly Hall in Westerland (not Critter Country like I thought it might). The show runs about 15 minutes so the tracks are not complete. There is also a Vacation Jamboree and a Jingle Bell Jamboree version, as well.

The Disney Party Gras parade was daytime parade that ran from 1991 to 1993. It eventually made it's way to Disneyland for its 35th anniversary in 1990.


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Thanks so much stingybreadboy! You've definitely cleared some stuff up for me already. I do have a couple questions though - I'm assuming the "Lucky Nugget Stampede" is a stage show performed on that bandstand, and that the CD has a relatively complete version. Do you know if it's still running, or if not, how long it ran? Also, do you know if the Disney Party Gras Parade is complete? At 7:14, it seems unlikely but I suppose it's possible.

Thanks also for informing me about the "Fantasy on Parade" CD release. I'll definitely keep an eye out for that. And it sounds like you may have a more recent "Treasures of Fantasy" than I do. I have the 1996 version, but I understand there was one called "Dreams and Adventures" (which it looks like you have) from 2005 and a third called "Dream" released in 2008(?). I would love to know where I could buy one of those, particularly the more recent one. Anyway, thanks again!

- Joe


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Hey Joe, you're welcome. In recent years, I've become a Tokyo Disney Resort music fanatic and was curious about the same things. I don't have all of the information but I'm willing to share what I know. Yes, I was describing the 1996 Treasures of Fantasy: Dreams & Adventures Box Set. Sorry about that, I noticed after I posted that you had the original CD set. I have the newer set and all of the individual CDs (without the books and large outer box) from the original ToF set. I was also able to purchase the DREAM 12 disc set from a friend in Japan. It's pretty incredible! I've seen it at least three times on eBay, so you may want to save it on search. But it does omit tracks from the Treasures of Fantasy sets (like the Lucky Nugget Stampede) to make room for other tracks. If you obtained the DREAM set, you will not need the ToF: Dreams & Adventures. But if you're a crazy completist like me...well!

Yes, from what I've gathered, the Lucky Nugget Stampede played on the bandstand, and with 11 tracks, including the chaser, it's pretty complete. It ran from March 1991 to 1993. Disneyland Paris also features a Lucky Nugget show in their Frontierland, though I only have a 4:21 track of that version.

The Party Gras parade is not complete but features the main theme.

Mickey Mouse Carnival Hot! Hot! Hot! was a special castle show that played from September to November in 1991. Alas, it is not complete.

Sebastian's Caribbean Carnival was an Adventureland show that ran from 1993-1996. A lot of Chip 'n' Dale madness with a great Sebastian puppet. Close, but not complete.

The Adventureland Revue played in Westernland. Just kidding! It ran in Adventureland from 1984-1993. Again, not complete.