Tokyo Disneyland Nightime Parades DJ Remix CD


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Are you talking about the "DJ Digs Main Street Electrical Parade" CD? I don't recall there being a remix CD of other nightime parades...although I know TDL is releasing a 2 CD set of it's nightime shows & parades in July...but it's not a DJ remix.


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I've got it...

While all use the Baroque Hoedown theme, they aren't all remixes. Several are definitely original instrumentation.

The first track sounds the parade arrangement with a thumping bass and drums added. Even has the voiceover intro and end.

The next, called the impressions du jazz mix, sounds like a jazz combo with the melody played on guitar and piano, alternately. Pretty "cool." Definitely a new recording and not a remix.

The next, which is my favorite, is a big band sounding arrangement with a female vocal on the melody. It's called the Swingle Hoedown mix and definitely imitates Les Swingle Singers, the jazz vocal group from the 60's. Again, no remix here.

With the next track, DJ Jin Back-in-the-Dayz mix, its back to a remix of the original recording. This time its backed by percussion that sounds like it came off of Whitney Houston's "I Wanna Dance With Somebody."

The Captain YTR mix is a rap-version, in Japanese. The rap carries the rhythm and melody. Not a remix.

The Electro Parade mix is a remix with added percussion and synth. I'm afraid I don't know the difference between hip-hop, house, etc to identify the style, but it's a different groove than the other remixes.

The *cbsmgrfc calypso mix (love the name) is another remix with added percussion and synth. As the name suggests, there's a cuban/caribbean . It also repeats "Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, ...magnetic musical sounds" samples several times during the song.

With the last track, yukihiro fukutomi mix, its another true remix. The original tracks are heavily processed and some scat vocals are added along with the requisite percussion.

Overall, its a pretty entertaining set. My kids like to clean their rooms to it (whatever that's worth). However, as with any remix album that uses the same song over and over... it uses the same song over and over and over. The true remixes start to run together, although they are different enough to readily identify them. The original tracks are welcome, although I might have distributed them over the CD a bit more to enhance repeated listening.

I was hoping for a longer version of the version that came off of Dance Dance Revolution Disney Rave. Didn't get it but didn't waste my $$$ either.



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Yeah, I have to agree with most of what Timothy said.

If you're a MSEP fan, then pick up this CD, but if not, it might get on your nerves.

Each track is about the same length too, and each one uses the exact same MSEP source track (the 1980 OA version). The various DJ's then did what they needed to to the track. Timothy is right about some of them not really being true remixes.

I enjoy the CD, but yes, hearing the same track over and over again can get monotonous. I wish they had let the DJ's pick their own versions of the MSEP tracks, so maybe each one could have been different enough from each other.


Is this CD available for ordering? I'd love to obtain a copy.

Thanks for the info, guys. It sounds like a great idea.