Tokyo Disneyland music questions

Hi, everyone. I have a few questions about Tokyo Disneyland cds for those in the know...

1) Does anyone have a track listing for the nighttime entertainment 2-cd set that came out recently?

2) Does anyone have a track listing for the Ariel Seaside Treasure cd?

3) I have seen the track listing of the TDL Daytime Entertainment cd set. It doesn't appear there is any new music on it, but there is a chance some of the edited parades were edited in different ways this go-round... (I'm dreaming, I know.) Can anyone confirm there's no new music on this set?



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There's no new music on this set; nor is there any new music on the "History of NIghttime Entertainment" CD set. It's just another variation of previously released stuff. The only thing many people may not have is the "Millennium Spectacular" music, but it has also been previously released (although in limited quantities).
Thanks very much, Ben C.

That's disappointing, but I really can't complain about Tokyo Disney Resort, with the volume of music it pumps out on CD for us!

Do you know if the nighttime cd focuses on parades such as Fantillusion or more on fireworks shows? I have always been looking for the 1991 Starlight Fantasy show. It was available on the first Treasures of Tokyo Disneyland set (which I don't own) but not included on the new version -- just my luck! :-


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Well, the CD has a little of both. It has all of the TDL Nighttime parades (of which there were only 3), and most of the fireworks shows.

About the "Starlight Fantasy" you're talking you mean "Dancing Starlight Fantasy" from 1992? The tracks are:

That's Entertainment
42nd Street
Sing Sing Sing
Jumping at the Woodside
Mickey Mouse Our Shining Star
Tico Tico
There Is No Business Like Show Business

If that's the one you mean, then, yes it's on the CD set. It's also on the "Starlight Magic 2000" CD wich can still be found occasionally.


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Well, after doing a little more looking around, I realize that you did not mean "Dancing Starlight Fantasy", you meant "Starlight Fantasy" from 1991 with these tracks:

Step in Time
Mickey Mouse March
A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes
You Can Fly! You Can Fly! You Can Fly!
Some Day My Prince Will Come
When You Wish Upon a Star
Mickey Mouse March
It's a Small World

And, nope, it's not on the new CD or "Starlight Magic 2000". Sorry about that. Look for a pm from me about it.