Tokyo Disneyland HMH Nightmare CD?


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Hey all,

I was recently informed that Tokyo Disneyland has a Haunted Mansion Holiday Nightmare CD out. Amazon appears to have it, listed as a Disneyland import
Has anyone here ever heard of this? It's a recent release (Oct. 11), and I wonder if this is infact a full flowthrough of TDL's HMHN. Any info on this would be appreciated. Thanks!

by the way, hi I'm bpgstudios. you may know me from a few other sites. Looking forward to discussions here. :)


It is DL's. TDL's version of the cd is not available comercially yet, if ever.... (fingers crossed)


From what Ive heard...there is a new bit of music in the library area...where the evil stuffed mickey is playing the piano...Its pretty cool.

OH! There also seems to be a really cool queue track playing outside. But I think other then that its identical.