Tokyo Disneyland Fantasy in the Sky question


Hey. I was looking through some old posts from the archives and someone posted that the "Fantasy in the Sky" used for the WDW 25 anniversary was released on a Tokyo Disney CD from 1995-96. This wouldn't also have the "Remember the Magic Finale" on it would it?

It just frustrates me soooo much that the "Remember the Magic Finale" was never released and going back through the old posts of people discussing this topic just drives me crazy! I mean, there has got to be a clean recording somewhere in this crazy world! I know there are "clean" versions floating around but all the ones I've heard have annoying crackling sounds, very annoying on the final GLORIOUS note. If you do have a REAL clean copy, PLEASE LET ME KNOW! If money is what it takes, name your price!

Does anyone else even care about this song or am I rambling about a something that no one else likes? I'm sorry if I am, but $#@%$^$^*, I LOVE THAT SONG!



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The Tokyo Disneyland version of "Fantasy in the Sky" did not include the "Remember the Magic" finale. It does, however, have a different finale than the American versions. Rather than the patriotic finale, they went with more Disney tunes.

The track is basically the same track that was released on the Official Album from 1997. The only differences are Jack Wagner's intro, and the finale.

So, to track it down for "Remember the Magic" will prove fruitless.


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I should correct myself. After listening to both tracks again, it's not Jack Wagner who does the intro. Also, Tokyo Disneyland's has shell bursts through the first few seconds of the music as well.