Tokyo Disneyland & Disney Sea Christmas CD's 2007

The cover art for 3 new Tokyo Disney Resort Christmas CD's from 2007 has been finally released, They are expected to be released in November (november 7th for Japan). The three new releases are: TOKYO DISNEYLAND CHRISTMAS ELECTRICAL PARADE DREAMLIGHTS, TOKYO DISNEYLAND CHRISTMAS FANTASY, TOKYO DISNEY SEA HARBORSIDE CHRISTMAS.



love it =D

how many people buy the harborside christmas? i can never bring myself to heh. just not my kind of show

and it doesn't mean anything necessarily but i don't see the new floats on the EP DL cd cover at all


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Here is the Walt Disney Records Japan site with the track info (in Japanese, of course).

It does confirm that both the Dreamlights Christmas, and Christmas Fantasy CD's are only one track each. Disappointing, but oh well, I still can't wait to have them.

Harborside Christmas CD's are pretty nice. They have a different feel from TDL's Christmas Fantasy shows. The first few years, it had a more "New York City" feel, which was intentional. Now, it's just a bit more jazzy than what TDL does. In 2005 they did a show called "Minnie's Nutcracker", which was different from past shows. Plus, the Christmas lagoon show "Candlelight Reflections" has nice music. 2004's CD is the exact same as 2003's though, so you only need to buy one if you want that music.


Woah, why haven't i heard of this site before? It even comes with previews of the songs and this year's christmas song sounds really. heh


Hi folks,

I'm sure some of you have gotten your CD's by now. And now, you can also enjoy the videos to some of the shows & parades from this year's Christmas events at TDR (some music is not available on CD). Each show page on my site has the YouTube version but you can also download a higher-resolution video clip. I'll be adding more videos daily! Enjoy!

Tokyo DisneySea
A Little Tale of Christmas

Over the Waves (Christmas Version)

Tokyo Disneyland
Disney's Christmas Dreams on Parade

Lilo & Stitch's Aloha Christmas



Wow! An official Disney website for Theme park CDs? Sigh, if only we had this in the US. And I agree with you Almandot, their Christmas music sounds great, esp the clip from the Christmas Fantasy CD. Much more catchy than the mish mash theme for the Once Upon a Christmastime parade. Oh well. Maybe it will make its way over to WDW at some point like other TDL music. :)

What website do y'a'll recommend to order TDL CDs from?


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I love the CDs! Dreamlights Christmas is so cool, its not only the Christmas Version but an updated version with the new floats! :) I noticed the intro sounds a little differant asside from the Christmas parts like bells. I am sure though when they added the new floats they did update the whole original soundtrack since the original CDs were released. They really should have released a non Christmas Version as well. OH well. I also kind of wish they would have had a extended version instead of 26:11 like the version of the original thats 31:37. We wont be picky though lol we are lucky they released as much as they did :)
itarrived last Thursday and OMG it beats the crap out of any Christmas parade soundtrack i've heard in my LIFE! the music really flowed well nice selection of holiday tunes. I knew about the additions to the parade but o see they've moved some floats around when did that happen? i'm so used to Peter Pan coming after Alice in this version.