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Hi there,

I've been reading messages in this forum for a couple of years now, but had not registered yet, so I'll use this occassion to say hi to everyone!

You guys have probably heard this question a million times already, but I would be very grateful if you could enlighten me on this. In the Tokyo Disney Sea Music Album, are the songs with lyrics acutally heard anywhere in the park, or have they been recorded specifically for the album?

And while I'm it, has anyone heard anything about a CD called something like 20 years of tokyo Disneyland history?

Thanks a lot for your help!!!


CD Japan is currently accepting pre-orders for "Tokyo Disneyland History Best 1983-2003 (Title subject to change)." The expected release date for this 2-CD set is 3/12/2003. From their site:

April 2003 marks Tokyo Disneyland's 20th anniversary. This album is expected to contain 20 songs , including 1985's Tokyo Disneyland Electrical Parade, and 1995's Fantillusion. A song has been selected from each of these twenty years. [Copy-Protected CD]

More details:

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I know I'm the biggest whiner about people checking the archives before making a post, but I'm breaking my own rules here--didn't we plan out *exactly* this sort of thing for Disneyland's 50th? A 2-CD, 50 track set with one piece of music from each year of the park?

Man, if the US parks would only release *half* of what the Tokyo parks do...


has anyone TDS music?

hi, I'm also new on this forum...

anyway, I wanted to ask if somebody has music of TDS that is not on the official TDS album.
I'd like to know more info about the TDS music in general. I've never been to TDS (to much $$$), but it captured my interesst from the moment I saw the first concept arts!
Any help would be welcome!