Tokyo Disney Resort - Happiness (12-CD box set)


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Is anybody able to identify a link to the actual album on the site mentioned above? I still dont see any information whatsoever regarding the content of the cd...


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Does the site ship to the U.S. or only to Japan? I'd like to get a copy of the set; but I can't find the answer on their site.

Also, has anyone purchased this set from them with the bonus CD that would be willing to share what it's tracklising is? Thanks for the help.


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I believe they do ship worldwide BUT some of the TDL albums can only be shipped to an address in Japan so it deends on what you wish to purchase. I don't know but generally the big sets are only for sale in Japan or purchased privately via second hand sites like eBay or Amazon sellers.
I believe Chrome will translate the link (right click) but don't have Chrome myself.

As far as I can find, this is the track listing (it's from another fan site - I don't have the set myself - so can't guarantee it's 100% accurate)

Disc One: Tokyo Disneyland Parades (1983-1984)
1. Tokyo Disneyland Parade
2. It's A Small World (Ride Through)
3. Mickey Mouse Review
4. Castle Carousel
5. Haunted Mansion (Ride Through)
6. Pinocchio’s Daring Journey
7. Peter Pan’s Flight
8. Country Bear Jamboree
9. Jungle Cruise (Atmosphere)
10. Meet the World
11. Space Mountain (Atmosphere)
12. Kids of the Kingdom- Tokyo Disneyland is Your Land (Full Version)
13. Adventureland Review

Disc Two: Tokyo Disneyland Electrical Parade (1985-1993)
1. Tokyo Disneyland Electrical Parade
2. Alice’s Tea Party
3. Minnie’s Spring Parade- Minnie’s Spring Festival
4. Big Thunder Mountain (Atmosphere)
5. Disney Musical Fantasy
6. Disney Classics on Parade
7. Mickey’s Space Fantasy
8. Aloha! Mickey
9. Mickey Mouse Sports Festival
10. Lucky Nugget Stampede
11. Disney Party Gras Parade
12. Mickey Mouse Carnival- Hot! Hot! Hot!
13. Country Bear Jamboree- Jingle Bell Jamboree
14. Disney World Fair- Disney Around the World
15. Splash Mountain (Ride Through)
16. Sebastian’s Caribbean Carnival
17. Disney Fantasy on Parade
18. Tokyo Disneyland 10th Anniversary- It’s Magical!
19. Mickey Mouse Club

Disc Three: Disney Fantillusion! (1994-1997)
1. Country Bear Jamboree- Vacation Jamboree
2. Aladdin’s Great Adventure
3. Disney Fantillusion!
4. Feel the Magic
5. Funderful, Wonderful Friends
6. Alice’s Wonderland Tales- Alice’s Wonderland Party
7. Mickey Mania
8. Mickey’s House & Meet Mickey- Answering Machine
9. Mickey’s House & Meet Mickey- Radio Show “WACKY”
10. Minnie’s House- Answering Machine
11. Roger Rabbit’s Car Toon Spin (Ride Through)
12. Fiesta Tropical
13. Pecos Goofy Goes West- Pecos Goofy’s Wild, Wild West
14. Kickin’ Country

Disc Four: Disney Carnival (1997-2001)
1. MicroAdventure!
2. Roger Rabbit’s Toontown Hour
3. Hercules the Hero
4. Disco Tryout- Mickey and Minnie’s Dance Fever
5. Tokyo Disneyland 15th Anniversary- Disney Carnival
6. Tokyo Disneyland 15th Anniversary- Viva! Magic
7. Once Upon a Mouse
8. Super Duck Parade- Donald’s Wacky Kingdom
9. Club Disney Super Dancin’ Mania
10. Disney on Parade- 100 Years of Magic
11. Pooh’s Honey Hunt (Atmosphere)
12. Pooh’s Honey Hunt (Ride Through)
13. Disney Party Express!
14. Mickey’s Adventureland Mardi Gras

Disc Five: Porto Paradiso Water Carnival (2001)
1. Tokyo Disneyland Electrical Parade Dreamlights (Full 2011 Version)
2. Porto Paradiso Water Carnival
3. DisneySea Symphony (Full Version)
4. Journey to the Center of the Earth
5. 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea
6. Storm Rider
7. Magic Lamp Theater
8. Indiana Jones Adventure: Temple of the Crystal Skull
9. Triton’s Kingdom Entrance Fanfares
10. Mermaid Lagoon Theater
11. Donald’s Boat Builders
12. Sail Away
13. Mystic Rhythms

Disc Six: Mickey’s Gift of Dreams (2002-2004)
1. D Pop Magic!
2. Coronation- Cinderellabration: Lights of Romance
3. Tokyo Disneyland 20th Anniversary- Disney Dreams of Parade
4. Tokyo Disneyland 20th Anniversary- Mickey’s Gift of Dreams
5. Blazing Rhythm
6. Tokyo DisneySea 2nd Anniversary- Mickey’s Fantastic Caravan
7. One Man’s Dream II- The Magic Lives On
8. Minnie Oh! Minnie
9. Haunted Mansion “Holiday Nightmare”

Disc Seven: BraviSEAmo!
1. Buzz Lightyear’s Astro Blasters (Ride Through) *CD Premier
2. Disney’s Rhythms of the World
3. That’s Disneytainment with Mickey! “Showbiz Is”
4. BraviSEAmo! (Full Version)
5. Dramatic DisneySea 2004- Style!
6. Disney Princess Days “Bouquet of Love”
7. Lilo’s Luau & Fun *CD Premier
8. Disney’s Rock Around the Mouse
9. Super Duper Jumpin’ Time
10. Disney Dreams on Parade- Moving On
11. Lilo & Stitch’s Big Panic- Find Stitch Huli Huli Ohana Bash

Disc Eight: Big Band Beat (2006-2007)
1. Cool the Heat
2. Chip & Dale’s Cool Service “Deluxe”
3. Meet & Smile
4. Tokyo DisneySea 5th Anniversary- The Legend of Mythica
5. Big Band Beat
6. Over the Waves
7. Tower of Terror *CD Premier
8. Pirates of the Caribbean (Jack Sparrow Ride Through Version)
9. Wet & Wild Pirate Night

Disc Nine: Jubilation!
1. Tokyo DisneySea Spring Carnival- Fairies Primavera
2. Sindbad’s Storybook Voyage
3. Bon Fire Dance
4. Tokyo Disney Resort 25th Anniversary- Jubilation!
5. Enchanted Tiki Room: Stitch Presents! “Aloha E Komo Mai” (Full Version)
6. Monsters, Inc. “Ride & Go Seek!” (Ride Through) *CD Premier
7. Disney’s Power of Music- Rhythm! Melody! Harmony!
8. PhilharMagic Mickey
9. Nightfall Glow Parade *CD Premier
10. Table is Waiting

Disc Ten: Happiness is Here (2011-2013)
1. Tokyo DisneySea 10th Anniversary- Fantasmic! (Full Version)
2. Summer Oasis Splash
3. Tokyo DisneySea 10th Anniversary- Be Magical!
4. Disney Summer Festival- The Finale
5. Toy Story Mania! *CD Premier
6. Toybox Playhouse *CD Premier
7. Star Tours; The Adventures Continue *CD Premier
8. Tokyo Disney Resort 30th Anniversary- Happiness is Here

Disc Eleven: Seasonal Events Collection
1. Disney Easter Wonderland 2010
2. Disney’s Halloween Street 2010 “Welcome to Spooky Ville”
3. Disney Halloween 2009 Mysterious Masquerade
4. Disney’s Halloween 2010 Chip & Dale’s Skeleton Fiesta
5. Christmas Fantasy 2004 Mickey’s Christmas Gift
6. Christmas Fantasy 2008 Mickey’s Jolly Snow Time
7. Christmas Fantasy 2012 Disney Santa Village Parade
8. Harborside Christmas 2003 Christmas Holiday in New York
9. Christmas Wish 2010 Seven Lights of Christmas
10. Christmas Wish 2012 Color of Christmas
11. New Year’s Countdown 2013 New Day, New Dreams *CD Premier

Disc Twelve: Special Tracks Collection
1. Happiness is Here- TDR 30th (Ballad Version) *CD Premier
2. Tokyo Disneyland Band/Medley *CD Premier
3. Tokyo DisneySea Maritime Band/Medley *CD Premier
4. Tokyo Disneyland is Your Land- TDL Theme
5. Tokyo DisneySea Theme Song
6. This is the Place- TDR Theme
7. Join In- TDL 10th (Castle Show Chaser Version)
8. Disney Carnival- TDL 15th
9. Thank You All From Tokyo Disneyland
10. Thanks to You- TDS 1st
11. Make a Wish- TDL 20th
12. Sea of Dreams- TDS 5th (Up-Tempo Version)
13. Dream Goes On- TDR 25th (Ballad Version)
14. It’ll Be Magical-TDS 10th (Up-Tempo Version)
15. Thank You, Chef Mickey (Disney Ambassador Hotel) *CD Premier
16. Thank You, Chef Donald (Disney Ambassador Hotel) *CD Premier
17. Happiness is Here (Up Line,JR East Maihama Station Departure Melody) *CD Premier
18. Happiness is Here (Down Line,JR East Maihama Station Departure Melody) *CD Premier
Does anybody know if the PoTC ride thru version on Disc 8 differs at all from the ride thru version on the 2007 Tokyo Disneyland PoTC CD?