Tokyo Disney Resort CD Help...Please?


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I'm trying to track down every CD produced for the Tokyo Disney Resort, and I need help locating info about some of them.

If anybody has any more info about the following CD's, I would really, really appreciate it! I'm looking for track listings, cover art, basically anything more than what I list...

PCCD-00015 Disney Child Pack - Tokyo Disneyland: Electrical Parade
PCCD-00016 Disney Child Pack - Tokyo Disneyland: Music Album 1
PCCD-00017 Disney Child Pack - Tokyo Disneyland: Music Album 2
PCCD-00057 Disney?s It's a Small World
PCCD-00079 Tokyo Disneyland Christmas
PCCD-00196 Tokyo Disneyland Christmas Fantasy 1997
PCCD-00256 Best of Tokyo Disneyland 15th Anniversary
PCCW-00114 Tokyo Disneyland it's a Small World
PCCW-00118 Main Street Electrical Parade

I would LOVE to find out more about them, so I can hunt them down. Are some of these unreleased maybe? Anybody have any of these CD's to let me know what's on them?

Thanks in advance.

Ben C.
Hi Ben, this wedsite ( has the track listing of the Disney CD's along with lots of information!! :) - Matt


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Well, unfortunately, for the CD's I've listed, there is no track info availible on that site.

Craig & Michael's site is where I got the catalogue #'s from though.

The following albums and track listings were referenced via; it appears that Craig's listings refer to a Disney catalog number and these to the label manufacturer in Asia. I hope this is of help!

Tokyo Disneyland Christmas Fantasy
Audio CD (November 15, 2000)
Label: Avex
ASIN: B000056H6D
Track Listings
1. 2000 Christmas Town Fantasy
2. 2000 Santa's Wonderland Parade
3. 1996 Funderful, Wonderful Friends Christmas 1
4. 1996 Funderful, Wonderful Friends Christmas 2
5. 1996 Funderful, Wonderful Friends Christmas 3
6. 1995 Stardust Christmas 1
7. 1995 Stardust Christmas 2
8. 1994 Merry Christmas To You
9. 1992 Christmas Wonderland

Tokyo Disneyland Electrical Parade Dream
Audio CD (November 7, 2001)
Label: Avex
ASIN: B00005Q84G
Track Listings
1. Tokyo Disneyland Electrical Parade Dreamlights - Show Mix Edition
2. Tokyo Disneyland Electrical Parade Dreamlights - Music Piece Edition

Tokyo Disneyland Christmas Parade
Audio CD (September 27, 1999)
Label: Avex
ASIN: B00003WG7T
Track Listings
1. Opening
2. House In The Village
3. Santa Claus Is Coming To Town
4. March Of Toy Soldier
5. Christmas Carol
6. Silent Night
7. Joy To The World
8. Final
9. Chaser
10. Santa's Wonderful Parade

Tokyo Disneyland Music Album
Audio CD (July 11, 2001)
Label: Avex
ASIN: B00005L9FG
Track Listings
1. Overture, Heigh-Ho,Whistle While You Work, Hi-Diddle-Dee-Dee
2. All In The Golden Afternoon, So This Is Love, Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah
3. Casey Jr.
4. Grim Grinining Ghost
5. You Can Fly! You Can Fly! You Can Fly!
6. It's A Small World
7. Hi-Diddle-Dee-Dee
8. Yo-Ho
9. In The Summertime
10. Bear And Band Serenade
11. Meet The World
12. Chim Chim Cher-Ee
13. It's A Small World
14. Droids Rooms
15. Everybody Has A Laughing Place
16. Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah
17. Roger Rabbit's Car Toon Spin Ride-Through
18. Minnie's Yoo Hoo!
19. Mickie's Answering Machine
20. Puppy Love
21. Minnie's Answering Machine
22. Thru The Mirror
23. Rumbly In My Tumbly

Tokyo Disneyland Electrical Parade
Audio CD (June 6, 2001)
Label: Avex
ASIN: B00005J4SR
Track Listings
1. Tokyo Disneyland@Electrical Parade Dreamlights
2. Tokyo Disneyland@Electrical Parade

Tokyo Disneyland Starlight Magic
Audio CD (July 12, 2000)
Label: Avex
ASIN: B000051TDL
Track Listings
1. Starlight Magic 2000
2. Fantasy In The Sky (1995-1996)
3. Stardust Fantasy (1994)
4. Magic In The Sky (1993)
5. Dancing Starlight Fantasy (1992)





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Thanks for the info Diego.

The story behind the Tokyo Disney releases, is that originally Pony Canyon manufactured the CDs, hence the PCCD numbering system. Although even before that, Disneyland Records released some things, but that's another story...anyway, in 1998 Avex Records took over from Pony Canyon and has been releasing (and re-releasing) Tokyo Disney Resort's music ever since. Their numbering system starts out with AVCW. So the titles you listed above are all the later Avex releases. I'm interested in the Pony Canyon ones. The catalogue #'s that are on the WDW Song Archive site, are the older Pony Canyon numbers.

Also, none of the ones I listed have been re-released by Avex yet, as far as I know. Especially the Christmas Fantasy albums. They have been different for each successive year.

With hat in hand, all I can say is 'I had no idea the TDL releases were so complex and difficult'! (But then again, why should they be different than any of the other madness we experience with Disney Theme Park CDs!)

So, to make up for my faux pas, I've been scouring the web like mad and the best I can find is the occasional near-miss on eBay. For example, I can find PCCD-00125 (Electrical Parade, promotional release only)
and PCCD-00211 which is (Disney Carnival, 15 Years, promotional release only)

Needless to say, I now understand your dedication to this particular subject and desire to find out more about them. Sorry for the earlier post!



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Don't be sorry at all! It can be very confusing since Tokyo Disneyland (and now Tokyo DisneySea) has been releasing CD's consistently since the early 90's (and some even before then).

There have been over 100 CD's just for Tokyo Disneyland alone, and what with the changeover from Pony Canyon to Avex, it makes it even harder to keep track of them, especially the older ones.

I really do appreciate the effort, even posting the scans, thank you.

I've made it my mission to get all of these CD releases, and I'm so close now!


Ben, here's some info I copied from Backtrip Records around the time of TDL's 15th


Tokyo Disneyland Electrical Parade - Disney's Child Pack
Pony Canyon # PCCD-000016 One track medley

Tokyo Disneyland Music Album - Disney's Child Pack
Pony Canyon # PCCD-000016 Length: 20:58 CD Single 7 Tracks

Tokyo Disneyland Music Album, Volume 2 - Disney's Child Pack
Pony Canyon # PCCD-00017 Length: 20:58 CD Single
1 1:06 Yo Ho (A Pirate's Life for Me)
2 8:51 Enchanted Tiki Room:
3 4:59 Country Bear Theater
4 3:42 The Droid Rooms
5 2:35 Meet the World

It's a Small World
Pony Canyon #PCCW-00114
1 Original Cast Version
2 Japanese Version
3 Mini Orchestra Version
4 Music Box Version
5 Piano Version
6 Brass Version
7 Electone Version
8 Orchestra Version

Main Street Electrical Parade
Walt Disney Records/Pony Canyon PCCW-00118
1-Original version
2-March Version
3-Orgel version
4-Orgel version
5-Electone version

Tokyo Disneyland Christmas Party
Walt Disney Records/Pony Canyon PCCD-00079

Tokyo Disneyland - Christmas Album
Walt Disney Records/Pony Canyon PCCD-00196 (CD SIngle)


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Awesome, Frank!! Thank you so much! I've scoured the net looking for that kind of info. It definitely helps me.

I'm pretty sure I've seen the Small World and MSEP singles floating around...

The other ones sound intriguing....must...hunt...down!


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Thanks, Bill. Those CD's were completely off my radar. I did know about Columbia, but I only have 1 CD under that lable...the Tokyo Disneyland Music Album from 1985. I knew there must have been others, but finding info on that was even harder than the rest.

I'll have to add those to my list, thanks.


You know, another good place to find these earlier releases are at CD rental shops. Besides the used CD shops here in Tokyo, the CD shops usually provide a very healthy selection of older TDL catalog releases, even from the old Pony Canyon/Columbia (Disneyland Records) days.



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What's a CD rental shop? I haven't heard of those. Is it something in Japan? The only place I know of to borrow CD's is the public library, but there is no way on earth they will have anything from Tokyo Disneyland.