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Randy, I was wondering if any of the old 60's and 70's movies themes like The Bare Foot Executive, The Apple Dumpling Gang, Freaky Friday (Jodie Foster version), or Boatniks have ever found their way on cd. If not is their a chance an old 60's-70's album could be made for some of those impossible songs to find on the Disneyland Cd on demand?

Thanks Alot Randy

P.S. could you give us an update on the new things coming to the DIsneyland Cd on demand system.
I have been having iPod fun digitizing my Disney vinyl singles collection of this genre: He's Gonna Make It, The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes, These are the Best Times, etc... I love 'em.

I do hope that compilations of otherwise non-LP Disneyland/Vista singles (including some unique Hayley Mills, Maurice Chevalier, Annette, Camarata et al cuts) will be made available on the Wonderland system one day.

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I didn't know that those songs had been released as singles! Were they through Disney? If so it seems that rereleasing them wouldn't be too difficult.
Yes - those were all (rare) Vista singles! - - So far Wonderland has only issued complete LPs though (the Annette comps having been previously issued as such in the box-set).

So I hope for some of the unique single versions on a comp:

Let's Climb (Chevalier - single vers.)
Castaway (Mills - single vers.)
Chim-Chim Cher-ee (VanDyke - single vers.)
He's Gonna Make It (BD & Company)
The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes (The Electric Tennis Shoes)
These are the Best Times (The Young Generation)
I'd Like to Be You for a Day
Indian Giver (Annette)
Sing a Smiling Song (Camarata)
On the Trail (Camarata)
In Search of the Castaways Theme (Camarata)
The Animal Race (Camarata)
The Seven Moons of Beta Lire (Dany Saval)
Theme from Moon Pilot (Camarata)
Goodbye to Toyland (Vonnair Sisters)
Disco Mouse (The New Mouseketeers)

etc, etc - - there are lots of these cool DL/BV cuts that didn't appear on LPs or any domestic CD to date

Jessica L

I would LOVE a copy of "Let's Climb" - such a fun song!