"To Be Free" Song


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Hello everyone! I'm new to these boards and I really need the song "To Be Free" from the Aladdin Show in DCA. Does anyone know where I could find it on the internet? I'm not willing to buy the CD. But I'm also willing to make a trade with anyone who has it and is willing to share. Please let me know! Thanks :D
Someone always want's something for nothing...

I don't mean to sound rude (Shut up Sharon ;) ;) )

but if you aren't willing to purchase park music and help your collection grow, you'll find a lot of the serious Music enthusiasts PROBABLY won't take you seriously. Trading or otherwise, I'd advise that you at least support Disney when they release park music.

Even know the title of the song that came to mind was "To be Loved"...I got a mental image of Eddie Murphy singing in the streets of Queens at midnight (From Coming to America)


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Yes, I would actually like to own this CD. The more people that buy the theme park releases, the better the chances of Disney releasing more stuff. If we "boycott" buying CD's, how does that help us music enthusiasts?

Even if you're dissatisfied with Disney's performance, upkeep, or whatever, if you want more "official" music from the parks, then you need to support it.


C'mon...the guy asked for help, the least we can do is help out...

Brian: The number for Disneyland DeliverEARS is (800) 362-4533. I'm sure they can help you get the song you want there.