Tinpanarama - The Sherman Brothers

Ripped this LP to mp3 and listening to it right now. Anyone know if this has been released to CD? Very enjoyable to listen to the different styles on this record as they wrote songs for each era 1900-1960s. Paul Frees sings one and is hilarious!
Re: Tinpannarama - The Sherman Brothers

We talk about TINPANORAMA quite a bit in MOUSE TRACKS. If you have the "Disney Rarities" Walt Disney Treasures DVD, take a look at the Oscar-nominated film "A Symposium on Popular Songs" and you'll see several of these songs animated in stop motion.

Richard Sherman said that he and his brother wrote the songs for "Symposium" and when "Mary Poppins" became a hit, they added new songs to put the album together.

It's never been released as a CD except through the Wonderland Music System in the Disney Parks a few years ago and now it's on iTunes.
Thanks Greg,
Glad to know it is on iTunes. So for those who have it, what are your thoughts? Do you enjoy it?