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So I was looking around for some twinkling sound effects I've used before as a pseudo-tinker bell sound and I got around to wondering.. Does anyone know what they did to make the original tinker bell sounds? Jangle some keys in front of a microphone, etc..?;)

And anyone have some nice twinkle sfx that might sound better than mine? :)


Hi, everybody!? ;)? Hope you're all doing well!? Okay ? Tinkerbell sounds, I'm not sure if there is one specific sound, but for lots of the park shows I believe it's normally a combination of sounds.? For the projects on which I've worked, most of the time it's a mark tree (similar to wind chimes) combined with a melody line on a glockenspiel and maybe some glissandi on the harp.? To make it sound a bit more magical, the use of some bell synth sounds (standard on most Roland synthesizers and used in most all the TDL shows) sound terrific.? Hope this is helpful!
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Does anyone know what they did to make the original tinker bell sounds?
Peter Pan hit the theaters in 1953. The mark tree wasn't invented until 1967, and the first Roland synthesizer didn't appear until 1973, and that was sans any kind of bells preset, so we can safely rule those instruments out. ;)

The original Tinker Bell "tinkling bell" sounds were done with a glockenspiel (orchestra bells) and a celesta.


Okay okay, but the movie wasn't specified.? ;)? So I didn't give you any false info... that's what is used now ? but as for the movie, yes, glockenspiel, celesta and harp on occasion ? I love that movie, I need to watch it again soon!? :)


I said original, was mostly curious on that. I was gonna add the current one too but I figured that with synth stuff it becomes too obscure to figure out, but thanks for the info both of you. I knew it was a mix of things but only those 2 is surprising.
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I think Rick is right, it could very well be at least a type of Mark Tree. Though it is claimed that it was invented in 1967, it seems to be a rather 'primitive' percussive instrument. I mean Asia had wind chimes centuries ago and it's basically the same idea - just tuned and organized.

Mark Tree.jpg

Also, keep in mind that the studio had Sound Effects Wizard Jimmy MacDonald! The man was brilliant. He basically took a cup, a rubber glove, and a syphon tube and was able to make bee sounds. He probably invented some type of chime tree. I've seen (and actually held) several of his contraptions, and it would surprise me at all.

I have no first hand knowledge of what was used, but my guess it's Jimmy MacDonald Magic.