Tiki Room Changes (on the CD set and at DL)

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Listening to the Musical History of Disneyland set I was more than a little surprised to realize that Jose's line "Buenos Dias Senorita" is missing! Surprised because I don't remember seeing it mentioned anywhere (though frankly who can keep up with the posts about this set). Also because I remember thinking, when I saw the show the other day, that that line really should go. It only works with a female CM, and even then, the delivery isn't great enough to really convince anyone that Jose's interacting with the CM.

Now about the Attraction itself, has anyone mentioned that each Tiki God in the Garden is now preceded by a drum and conch shell "fanfare"? It actually works pretty nice, kinda get's everyone's attention focused on the right area before the actual Tiki starts talking.

And I seem to remember thinking that the drumming that used to happen as you loaded the Tiki Room wasn't present this last time. Does anyone know if it has been used since the refurb?
Interesting--about the missing line--I hadn't noticed it yet, and thanks for pointing it out. It's the same type of thing that I talk about in my Pirates post; Randy cut some dialogue out of his Pirates ride-through--not sure why--and not alot is missing, but just enough to bug you, especially if you're a little neurotic about completeness.....

I've given up trying to keep up with ALL the posts about the Musical History set, too.....



The drum track that plays you into the tiki room is new. It plays throughout every speaker in the tiki garden.

There is a brand new music loop running in the tiki garden. It sounds great and has the C & H pure cane sugar song in there now. I like the new music loop.

New speakers have been installed. Some of the older ones are gone.

The gods are presented in a different order.

There are new sound effects added under Koro and Pele. A new drum track plays under Koro. Pele's volcanic erruption sounds have been changed and they sound more explosive. The fire effect has been fixed now and works everytime.

I love the refurbished lanai garden more than ever.