Three Adventures of Davy Crockett


Does anybody have this in mp3 format? i do not have a phonograph unfortunately but I would love to hear these tracks.
Bill, did you forget--you were the one who posted on the following Davy Crockett CD:
It's not a Disney CD(I believe the Disney stories were originally released on Columbia, in any case--I'm at work, and don't have my peripheral brain with me to double-check on this.....), but it does have the three adventures that are on the Disney LP(same recordings too), along with some other great Crockett songs sung by Fess, and a few Gene Autry gems as well--definitely a recommended CD! I think I thanked you previously on this one, Bill, a great find!

The CD HAS the three adventures on it--tracks 3-5, Davy Crockett Indian Fighter, Davy Crockett Goes to Congress, Davy Crockett At the Alamo. I also have the Disney LP, and when I got the CD, I compared the two recordings, and to my untrained ear, what is on the CD sounds to be the same recording session that is on the Disney LP.

By the way, I've got R. Michael Murray's record book next to me; the original Columbia LP cover is pictured in his book, and is basically what you get on the CD booklet cover, with minor changes to mention the additional recordings on the CD. Disney apparently leased the master recordings to Columbia in 1954, and when the lease expired in 1958, Disney began releasing their own recordings. Curious--if that's the case, how did the recordings get out again on a non-Disney label?
Thanks for the thumbs up on this one, Bill--you guys had me doubting my sanity.....not that insanity is a bad thing.....and actually, if I was sane I wouldn't be comparing Davy Crockett LP's and CD's.....not that there's anything wrong with that.....anyway.....

I actually did go back and check the two recordings AGAIN, and YES, they STILL do sound the same to me.....

OK, back to work.....