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Out of curiosity- the song that I've always wanted in my collection is the title song ("Thomasina") from the Three Lives Of Thomasina. It was sung by Robie Lester (who also did the singing voice for Duchess, among other things). Has anybody ever seen a recording of it on an album or online? I've never been able to locate that song, or the title song from The Small One (which I've given up on :eek:).
Our dear little friend Robie's version of "Thomasina" wasn't officialy released on vinyl, but the recording by the Wellingtons (a.k.a. the "Gilligan's Island" theme singers) was repurposed on several vinyl LP's over the years. Their version has different lyrics, and in fact a whole different style. It's sort of like the old novelty hit "The Naughty Lady of Shady Lane," in which the lyrics are quite provocative until the very last line that reveals Thomasina is a cat.

Read MOUSE TRACKS to learn more about the Wellingtons and their career. Their lead singer is now a family therapist in the L.A. area, so some folks may have encountered him without even knowing it. This has been another shameless plug from that shameless plug-ugly.
Thank you, Tim, for that completely unrehearsed testimonial in your own words as a regular person like yourself and not a professional actor.

"The Small One" was made into a vinyl Disneyland Storyteller LP with a nice book and the soundtrack in stereo. For some reason the title song was included at the end of the record instead of the beginning. I don't know that "Small One" has ever made it to CD, and it's a shame since it's a wonderful song.


I have always hoped that Randy would release another "Disney Classics" CD that featured theme songs and theme music from Disney's features that did not feature music in the feature - including THOMASINA (theme song), FREAKY FRIDAY ("I'd like to you for a day" - theme song), THE JOURNEY OF NATTY GANN (Title Music by James Horner), CANDLESHOE (Title Music by Ron Grainger), THE RESCUERS ("Who Will Rescue Me"), THOSE CALLOWAYS (Theme Music by Max Steiner), POLLYANNA (Theme Music by Paul J. Smith), 20,000 LEAGUES UNDER THE SEA (Theme Music by Paul J. Smith), ESCAPE FROM WITCH MOUNTAIN (Theme Music by Johnny Mandel), SWISS FAMILY ROBINSON (Theme Music by William Alwyn), SWISS FAMILY ROBINSON ("My Heart is an Island"), THE LOVE BUG (Theme by George Bruns), THE WATCHER IN THE WOODS (Theme by Stanley Myers), THE ISLAND ON TOP OF THE WORLD (Theme by Maurice Jarre), well, and any other Disney feature that wasn't a musical, but had great theme music or at least a great title song.


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Great topic. Thomasina - the film and the song - are among my all time favorites.

In addition to the other great songs mentioned, I would like to add "Mon Amour Perdu" and the theme music from BIG RED, "Summer Sweet" from RASCAL, and "Moreover and Me" from THE BISCUIT EATER. Like Thomasina, these are IMO great songs from excellent, generally overlooked live action Disney films with TONS of heart that all involve animals.

I also liked the music in the underrated British Disney farce ONE OF OUR DINOSAURS IS MISSING, being a fan of Ron Goodwin's music for THOSE MAGNIFICENT MEN IN THEIR FLYING MACHINES and THOSE DARING YOUNG MEN IN THEIR JANUTY JALOPIES, all of which had those great little comedy tunes woven throughout. Disney's ESCAPE FROM THE DARK score by Goodwin (known as THE LITTLEST HORSE THIEVES in the U.S.) was released on vinyl, but it was a more dramatic score.