"This Is Stereo" by Jack Wagner

I went to a yard sale today and I got a Stereo Demostration Record featuring "This Is Stereo", a story about the introduction in stereo sound. It was narrated by, you guest it, Jack Wagner.

As you probably know, this album was released in around 1958 since the introduction of stereophonic sound came to our living rooms. Jack Wagner was long before be became the voiceover announcer for the Disney parks. He started back in 1970 as the "Voice of Disneyland", he also later his announcing duties in Walt Disney World, Tokyo Disneyland and other Disney theme parks around the world. He also narrated several attractions over the years and also featured as a voiceover announcer in Orlando and Houston airports. He has been at Disney for over 35 years, but he still continues to do some voiceover. I want you to hear a young Jack Wagner in a story about stereo sound. This was on the Bel Canto label back in the late 50's. This was about a stereophonic tour of the city of Los Angeles, a few miles away from Disneyland. This is what he sounded like before he became a voiceover announcer for the Disneyland, Disney World and other parks. Enjoy!

This Is Stereo - Jack Wagner
Jack Wagner can also be heard interviewing Beach Boy Brian Wilson about the original release of 1964's The Beach Boys Christmas Album on a bonus track of the recent CD release of that record. He goes uncredited, but it's Jack, back when he was an LA deejay.
Jack Wagner can also be heard interviewing Beach Boy Brian Wilson on the 1998 CD release of the classic Beach Boys Christmas Album. (It is a bonus track.) The interview is from 1964, when Wagner was a deejay in LA.

Happy Holidays!