THIS guy was bored!!


Nice photo, but good grief, whatever happened to the Mary Poppins topiary? You guys are right. Her shape is all out of whack.

She used to look a lot better. Here is a photo I took in 1996:



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See now, THAT'S what people can do if they're given the time to do a good job.

But more time = more cost.

More cost does not = Disney circa 2004.

So they just get rid of the umbrella and carpet bag and then do as quick of a job as is humanly possible on the rest.

And then let the marigolds go dry and wilty, too.




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And the Pillsbury Dough Boy WAS?!?!?!

(anyone else ever think that the topiaries in front of the MK Kennel, which I believe are actually supposed to be seals, look like the PDB?)